My creative partner for seven years since Jeff Westlake asked me to help with the internet radio show Westlake and The Pig  had a massive heart attack and passed on 6/10/17.

We have been working on a project FingerBang that has been his passion. His daughter asked me to help her bring it together in his honor. I will. It is written, it needs to be brought to life. I'm not sure if it can be made without him but his daughter inherited his creative talent and she can make it happen.

He was a brilliant man and we worked on many things.... But mainly he was my friend. I suddenly feel alone.

He was very talented. Together we just formed GatorPig Entertainment. We worked together on Westlake and The Pig, The Fabulous Dancing Pig Show, Piglitical , The Bloody Beacon, The Rock Hot Wire, and FingerBang . He also helped me in the short lived Mayor Gator 16 campaign when I was going to run for mayor. 
He was lead singer of Sheered Lepus.

The Pig had the rare ability to make you laugh, rock you, and inform you at the same time.  He was a lifelong believer in Liberty and a veteran.

Instead of telling you about the Pig, I'd rather show you through his energy and talent.

Listen to Pig interviewed on The Tom Roten Show on WVHU     

Sheered Lepus covering War Pigs



Sheered Lepus makes some of that thar music

November 24, 2008

By Ben Moffat

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Rock ‘n Roll is supposed to be dead. The Who weren’t uncertain if it was dead or alive, Lenny Kravitz said it was definitely dead, and Marilyn Manson, well, he said it was dead too. With all the death talk it’s a miracle the genre is able to keep going. Regardless if Rock is dead or alive, Sheered Lepus, a four piece rock band from Jackson county, have found their niche and are ready to rock your socks off in the New Year.

Brady Robinson, a small business owner for six years is just closing up shop to plan for a national tour. Robinson, the lead singer and vox player said it “seems like forever” that they’ve been playing together in some form or another in Ravenswood. For a while Scott their drummer was out of the loop living in Missouri. Robinson said they “tooled around for a while but couldn’t find a replacement.” Through a chance meeting with Jeff Westlake, guitarist of Hydrogyn, the band landed a deal with Destroy All Records (DA), distribution with BCD Music Group. After recording for months, the master tracks are complete, and just waiting on some finishing touches “they’re actually sitting on my desk ... I’m scared there’s going to be a fire and it’ll all be lost!” said Robinson.

One Bad Bunny is due out Jan. 9, 2009. A CD release party is planned at the Fairplain Yacht Club in Ripley the same day with Hydrogyn also playing. “For people to really understand us, they need to see us live ... we love playing live, it’s where we thrive.” Said Robinson, “and wherever we play, it’s going to be aggressive.”  

Graffiti: Alright let’s start out with the basics, who’s in the band?

Robinson: Vox: Brady (the Fabulous Dancing Pig) Robinson; guitar: Chriss (Shmeg) Smith; bass: Kevin (Boosh) Bush; and drums: Scott Ellis (Elli-mo).

Graffiti: The name, what is a Sheered Lepus? Any special significance?

Robinson: The name does have significance but for now we’d like it to remain a mystery. Sheered Lepus came from the twisted mind of our guitar player Chriss Smith (Shmeg). I didn’t even realize what it meant for years.

Graffiti: Who are you main influences?

Robinson: Black Sabbath is without a doubt our biggest influence. This is shared by the band as a whole. We have very diverse influences on an individual level. Scott is a Lamb of God, Slayer, Pantera guy, Shmeg is an old school metal cat i.e. Iron Maiden (we cover Wrathchild on our album), Priest and also the Who, Floyd, Beatles and straight up good old fashion rock and roll. I am a huge Doors, Beatles fan and old school metal. Boosh likes anything that is good from blues to progressive metal. I should again say Black Sabbath.

Graffiti: What are you listening to these days?

Robinson: Shmeg and I have been really into the Who lately, Boosh has been listening to a lot of Heavy and Hell and Opeth and Scott is listening to Lamb of God.

Graffiti: What’s your favorite venue to play in or see a show?

Robinson: We originated from the sticks in Jackson County and used to play in the little bars up there like The High Tide and Malberrys. Since reforming the band we have been recording for the most part and after getting our deal with DA Records/BCD Music Group our attention moved toward playing. We have recently played at the Fairplain Yacht Club in Ripley. The Yacht Club is a great venue and you will probably see them booking more and more big shows in the future. The owner Jeff Paxton is a great supporter of music and a great guy. They have a new stage that was built for our show there with Hydrogyn in October so there is plenty of room. We brought in one hell of a stage production. On big shows we use Turner Stage Lighting and Dewey Decibel Systems for production. Both those companies are awesome.

Contact Ben at bmoffat@graffitiwv.com




Wrathchild by Sheered Lepus (Iron Maiden cover


Pig Fat by Sheered Lepus


one of Pig's last songs....was to be on FingerBang


Pig's Character biographer that he wrote for The Westlake and The Pig Show website


  • The Fabulous Dancing Pig

    The forty’s were an interesting time in American history. The real interesting thing is

    however, the American people have not been privy to the juiciest bits of our past. Our

    government, though great, is laden with secrets. Secrets designed for our protection and

    betterment of the free world.

    The Democrats of the 1940’s shared the same obsession for cloning and the alteration of

    the Human animal as they do today. The Nazis were a problem in Europe and were

    quickly threatening the world. The war quickly escalated to a world conflict as the

    Japanese Empire struck American soil and Germany pounded our allies. America joined

    the fray. Suddenly it was easy to acquire funding for radical experiments under the guise

    of national defense. Project Pig was born. Originally under a different name which

    remains classified and possibly exists even today, the scope of early experiments were

    focused on creating an army of super soldiers. Although rumored to have been a success

    the original program faded away with the surrender of our enemies in the Great War.

    The following decades gave rise to a new enemy and a new way to wage war. The Cold

    War had the world on edge until the late 1980’s. It was a long fought battle, very bloody

    and very secret. This war wasn’t broadcast to the nation it was a war of spies. It was this

    war that made Project Pig a reality. Unlike the original mission Project Pig was designed

    entirely to fabricate the perfect spy.

    The real break through came when a group of Soviet scientists defected to the United

    States. It seems the Soviet Union also had a similar program in place and had had some

    successes upon which we were able to capitalize. Beyond stealth a spy’s most crucial

    attribute is charm. The problem both we and the Soviets faced was training spy’s who had

    physical and mental strength as well as charm. True charm is a rarity in Humans as we

    know too well. Research was conducted to determine the world most charming animal

    which to no real surprise was a pig. Armed with this information the USSR worked

    tirelessly to splice the genes of a pig with that of a human. Thankfully their work failed

    repeatedly and they eventually dropped the program entirely. With the addition of their

    scientists to our program, America saw its first successes in the early 1960’s. Although

    major breakthroughs were increasingly frequent it wasn’t until the 1970s that we had our

    first successful birth of a pig/human hybrid.

    Pig-boy, as he was called in the laboratory, was an incredible creature. He had the

    strength and charm of a pig and for the most part looked human (but for the genitalia). He

    was trained in all martial arts and warfare. He was also given education in art, music and

    dance. Pig-boy excelled at dance and was eventually given the nickname “The Fabulous

    Dancing Pig” by his caretakers.

    Pig-boy unfortunately matured at roughly the same rate as a human child and before he

    was ready for his first mission the Cold War ended. Ronald Reagan had defeated the

    communist and ended Project Pig with one great action. The world was now a safer place

  • (Unless you were a super spy Pig-boy trained with a top secret mission to help destroy an

    empire that no longer exists).

    Fearing for his life Pig-boy escaped from his training facility and vanished for years into

    the population. Using the skills he had learned in “Project Pig” he was able to blend in

    and exist unnoticed. But the Pig became increasingly tired of hiding. A choice had to be

    made, would he blend back into the shadows or stand defiant basking in the spotlight of a

    curious world and the distain of his former captors. The Pig chose defiance.

    Hiding no more, ‘The Fabulous Dancing Pig’ stands tall, a beacon of freedom, a force for

    justice and protector of the American Way


Piglitical skits from Pig's Talk Radio pilot show





The Fabulous Dancing Pig Vs. Kim Kardashian

Pig and Gator comically discuss southern rock

Pig and Gator interview Triumph's Mike Levine 

Pig and Gator discuss The Beer Ice Cream Truck

More Piglitical skits

'Westlake and the Pig' gives local voice to the area's metal music scene

    The Herald-Dispatch

Not unlike Mike Myers and his famous Wayne's World "Saturday Night Live" sketch, local metal heads Jeff Westlake and Brady Robinson, go into Westlake's home studio, crank up the tunes, start talking a little dirty like guys do and tape it all for "Westlake and the Pig," a weekly three-hour Internet radio show.

Westlake says his wife Julie already has a sarcastic name for it, "you boys playing radio."

But believe it or not all of that sophomoric Bob-and-Tom meets Wayne's World playing is paying off for the show that airs from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday on the New Mexico-based Internet rock music station, JFL Radio (via Nokia Mobile, Stream Finder, iTunes and other digital outlets).

On the air since the Saturday after Thanksgiving, "Westlake and The Pig" has landed a string of interviews with such internationally known metal artists such as Lita Ford, Powerman 5000, Dio guitarist Craig Goldy, and former Megadeth guitarist, Jeff Young, whose exclusive appearance on the show skyrocketed it onto the metal map.

Westlake, whose metal band Hydrogyn has been distributed internationally since 2005 after recording a CD with legendary metal producer Michael Wagener (Metallica, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne), said when he read that Megadeth's Dave Mustaine was blaming Young for a canceled Australian tour back in the day, he had to get Young, a friend, on the radio show, to fire back.

Westlake called Young, they did the interview for the Dec. 26 show, the fireworks ensued, and such pre-eminent metal Web sites such as Blabbermouth.net ended up streaming the Westlake and the Pig show at the top of the page while JFL's servers were also getting slammed with thousands of listeners.

Armed with the blogs and comedic writing of long-time friend David Williams, whose alter ego is the beer-swilling, redneck rocker, "Alligator Jackson," the show plays music but also pokes fun out on the edge with shots of raunchy humor.

"It's really a family show," Robinson said rolling his eyes and busting out laughing.

"Yeah, a Manson family show," Westlake added.

In the three-hour-long show, there's also lots of spins from indie rockers such as Cage, Joe Town, Lonestar Pornstar, Age of Evil, and, of course, lots of spins for Westlake's band Hydrogyn, as well as Robinson's band, Sheered Lepus.

Being serious for a second, Robinson and Westlake said they love finding and playing the indie metal acts out across the U.S., and have a place on the Web site (www.westlakeandthepig.com) for regional rock and metal indie bands to submit material to play.

While there's plenty of other metal shows out there (Twisted Sister's Dee Snider and Alice Cooper both host shows), Westlake said he thinks they're finding a niche that they are shopping for syndication.

In the meantime, it doesn't look like they'll run out of material to play, even if they just played their own CDs.

Hydrogyn just released "Phase 1," a best-of collection featuring live versions of their biggest hits, along with two never before released tracks.

In addition to live versions from their albums "Bombshell," "Deadly Passions," and "Best Served With Volume," Phase 1 includes "If These Walls Could Talk" and "Assault Attack," two previously unreleased tracks. "If These Walls Could Talk" was co-written by Hydrogyn's Jeff and Julie, along with Dio guitarist Craig Goldy in 2007. "Assault Attack" is an MSG classic from the Graham Bonnett-era recorded in October 2009.

And there's several new CDs on the way in 2010 from the Hydrogyn camp with solo CDs from Julie and Jeff as well as a new Hydrogyn band lineup announced this week featuring Young that will rendezvous in Ashland late this winter to write and cut its first CD together with a projected May release.

"It's going to be really cool because it takes all the hard work we've been doing the past five years and puts it out there in your face," Westlake said.

No Coal Ditty by The Pig




The Pig takes up for Alligator Jackson


The Hemp Rebellion




Free Heroin Starter Kits For Cabell County




FingerBang for World Peace


                                                       Pig and ex lead singer of Hydrogyn Julie


                                                      Pig with AJ Dawg


The Pig doing a parody of AC/Dc while lampooning the IRS