"Opossum Man" Sited in Webster Springs

(Webster Springs, WV) A new West Virginia monster was spotted in a secluded forest near Webster Springs.  Charlie Cox was one of several witnesses who reported seeing a hairy, very ugly creature dubbed “Opossum Man.” 

Cox was stumbling around in the woods Saturday, when he came upon a very hairy two-legged creature who appeared to be about six-feet tall.  The critter was only about five feet from Cox.  Cox who was startled threw a jar at the creature and the creature ran.  Cox followed him and threw a large rock at him.  The “Opossum Man” fell and was lying on the ground.  Cox was able to catch up with him and examine the creature.  Thinking the creature was dead, Cox intended to find his brother to help carry the animal home.  When he got several feet away, he heard a scuffling noise and turned to see the huge beast dart off in the opposite direction.” 

Cox said, “I tell you, that was the ugliest critter I’ve ever laid eyes on.  He looked like one of them banjo playin’ kids off of Deliverance.  He had beady little eyes and a hairy face.  He looked like a two legged possum.  He scared the tar right out of me.  After I hit him with a rock he fell like I killed him.  I kicked him a few times and he didn’t move.  But by God, soon as I left he was out there.  I reckon he was just playin’ possum on me.” 

There were at least ten reported sightings of The Opossum Man in the Webster Springs area.  Authorities also reported a ‘bad batch’ of meth reported in Webster Springs.  Several men were hospitalized after bad reactions to meth..  Many of the men reported having awful hallucinations.  Authorities are investigating to see if there is a link between The Opossum Man and the bad meth.

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