Judge Judy Quits Show To Be Bloomberg's VP

(New York)  It is not any secret that Judge Judy Sheinlin is stepping out from in front of the camera after a quarter of a century of the Judge Judy Show.  But the real reason is that she stepping out from behind the judge's bench is a total shocker.

Judge Judy wants to become Vice President Sheinlin.  The huge Bloomberg supporter is going to be Bloomberg's running mate if Bloomberg wins the nomination.

A source close to the Bloomberg campaign stated, "Who in the world is mote trusted than Judge Judy.  She would be a natural.  No one could beat her in a debate.  She always gets the last word.

Word is that if Bloomberg fares well on Super Tuesday then he will make the announcement soon.  Many feel that Bloomberg is an underdog against Biden and Sanders and could use the star power that Judge Judy offers.


A story out of Washington is suggesting that President Trump has the inside information and is worried.  A rumor making the rounds in Washington is he is prepared to offer Judge Judy the next open spot on the Supreme Court.  Sheinlin has long been a Bloomberg supporter and the source said she quit the show to be his partner in the 2020 election.


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