Iron Maiden Releases Gospel CD

Thrash metal giants Iron Maiden have just finished recording their first gospel album "The Sign of the Cross." The album contains thrash covers of gospel classics and Iron Maiden rockers turned into gospel tunes.  Singer Bruce Dickinson states, "It's the loudest hardest versions of "I'll Fly Away" and "Amazing Grace" ever recorded...complete with our patented Maiden dual guitar solos.  We even changed Run to the Hills" to "Run to the Little Church on the Hill" and "The Number of the Beast" to the "Love of my Lord".

Drummer Nicko McBrain explained, "I turned to Christianity in 1999.  I have felt bad because since "Number of the Beast", everyone thinks we are a Satanic band.  We aren't and never were.  We just like to think if Jesus were alive he'd be at a Maiden show yelling "Irons up!"

Dickinson said, "We first were going to have Eddie dressed as a Catholic priest...complete with white collar.  But Eddie is a warrior and we thought that it was more Maiden like to have him defending the cross.  I mean, it is a big enough stretch to do gospel so we wanted to make sure we kept some Maiden concepts.  Don't be mistaken, it may gospel...but it is Iron Maiden...your ears will still bleed."

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