Down and Out in McDonald Land: Ronald McDonald on The Streets

(New York)  Ronald McDonald scours the streets of New York looking for a cigarette bud.  Then, he begins his morning routine of checking dumpsters for "treasures" that he can resell.  The kids that see him, do not know him.  Adults do not recognize him.  It is the sad case of the fall of an American icon.

At the height of his popularity, it was said 96% of children knew who he was.  Now, children see him as another creepy clown.


In 2012, he was attacked by health advocates.  They called him "a pusher of unhealthy foods to children".  They said he was a cartoon hustler like Joe Camel.  McDonald's started backing away from him.

When the scary clown epidemic hit in 2016, they fired him.  "Life got hard," Ronald says. "Kids chased me.  Adults called me a pedophile.  Other clowns called me a pussy.  I couldn't find work."


To make things worse, hard times hit McDonaldland.  Hamburgalar went to prison for breaking into Wendy's.  Grimace got hooked on meth and lost weight and turned green.  Even Mayor McCheese got caught up in a sexual scandal and got impeached.  Ronald, himself  got arrested several times for breaking and entering.


"McDonald's used me up." Ronald cried. "They wouldn't even give me an Egg McMuffin on free Egg McMuffin day.  They just threw me out like old, greasy fries."

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