Clinton Introduces New Stress Reliever Combining Aromatherapy and BJs

(Washington) Former President Bill Clinton revealed in a documentary to be streamed by Hulu on Friday that he had an affair with a former White House intern to reduce stress.  Today, Clinton held a press conference to announce that he will also be introducing a new product line on Friday.  Presidential Aromatherapy is a new stress relieving product that Clinton is introducing.  Clinton says the new main flavor combines the best two methods of relieving stress that he knows.

The first flavor being introduced is Aroma of BJ.  Clinton says this scent combines the expensive perfume smell of a young woman trying to make a favorable impression and the smell of a cologne of a dirty old man.  Clinton says the feeling the aromatherapy gives a customer is one of sudden energy but yet reduces stress.  Clinton said, "It's a magical feeling that I have only experienced only in happy endings.   The only things I ever felt that reduced my stress in the Oval Office were blowjobs and aromatherapy.  By combining the two, you get an extra-effective stress reliever and you don't end up getting impeached.  I wish I would have been able to use this while in office."

Other flavors coming soon are Impeacmint and Big Mac.

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