Bill Gates Steps Down From Microsoft to Turn Budweiser Into Billweiser

(New York) Bill Gates, the man Forbes said was the richest man in the world for 20 years until he was overtaken by Jeff Bezos, stepped down from the board of Microsoft, the company he founded.  The surprising thing is that Gates is not retiring.  He turned around and bought Budweiser from AB Bev.

Just as Wall Street was shocked by Gate's aquisition of the brand, he shocked everyone again by announcing he was changing the name to Billweiser.


Gates said owning Budweiser was a dream of his since he was young.  Gates said, "I have always loved beer.  Back in high school, people called me a nerd.  I was never invited to the good keg parties.  I told them I was going to be a big beer baron one day and they all laughed.  No one is laughing now."

Gates announced that Bud Light will also change it's name.  The beer will be known as Bill Light as Budweiser becomes Billweiser."

Gates said, "I got my revenge on the girls that shunned me by becoming the richest man in the world.  While the guys who bullied me may have been jealous of my money, wait until they see my name on the best beer can in the world."

Despite his big day on Wall Street, Gates says he is not done yet.  The mogul nerd is reportedly in talks to buy whiskey giants Jack Daniels and Jim Beam and turn them into Bill Gates and Bill Gates 2.

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