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There are some great regional bands in this area. The features below contain some great samples of these bands. 



Alligator Jackson - Mr Mothman

Alligator Jackson - Snack Cake Song


Alligator Jackson started as a southern rock project.  It has now spun into a party rock project with David Williams on vocals.  Although, there has never been any live never know!

Alligator Jackson - I Got Drunk With Batman


The MF.B.  - Big Booty Judy

The M.F.B. Funk in’ Up The Neighborhood 

Funkle Sam hanging at 9th Street Live

The M.F.B out of Huntington is led by Parry Casto aka Funkle Sam. The energetic front man is like a funky Freddie Mercury. The M. F. B is the premier funk band in the region. Wherever they perform, a party will break out. 


Boldly Go! Is a Star Trek-themed 4-piece punk band based out of West Virginia, made up of Foz Rotten, Alex Smith, Rusty Felty and Chris Gibson. They claim influences such as the Ramones, Rancid, Black Flag, Misfits and Screeching Weasel. Boldly Go!  - No Win Scenarios 



I caught this Boldly Go! at Huntington Comic Con at Pullman Square in Huntington. They were a lot of fun. Cool punk songs based on Star Trek. 

Boldly Go! - First Contact


Austin Adkins Live I Wanna Be Live in WSAZ Studios

Austin Adkins - Fell In Love In The Middle of a Back Road

Austin Adkins is now signed to a Nashville label and is making a name for himself. The young country singer from Wayne County has been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum and has always used music to communicate and be better understood. 

Herald Dispatch article 8/5/22


Justin Gero - Asking God For Favors

Justin Hero - Take My Hand

Justin Hero is no other than Justin Ponton. Justin is a hero, in many ways. He has saved many lives through his work in recovery. He was here when Huntington was Ground Zero for the epidemic. He was working in the trenches saving lives   

Justin, himself, was once addicted and in prison. Now, he owns Newness of Life sober living home and raps about his experiences in his new music career. Justin definitely can hit a groove. 

Justin Hero - Pay Attention


Hydrogyn - Damaged Goods

URA-KIA - Fill Our Souls

Jeff Westlake - Just Like Before

Jeff Westlake was one of the first people I met when I moved to Proctorville, Ohio in May of 1976.  We were instantly friends.  As young teenagers, we spent time writing songs.  I remember Jeff getting his first guitar and I would go with him to his guitar lessons at Pied Piper and then we would hit the record stores.

I remember going to Sharkey's in the late 90's and watching Westlake perform.  Then he formed Hydrogyn in the early 2000s.  Hydrogyn's debut cd Bombshell hit Billboard's Heatseeker chart.  The band travelled the world twice hitting places like England, France, Italy, and Germany.  .Hydrogyn is still rocking today.

Growing up in the late 70's, Jeff's sister gave him a 8 track tape of a Columbus band she watched live while she attended Ohio State.  The band was The Godz and was on Casablanca Records, the label Kiss was on.  The Godz made a great name for themselves.

A few years ago , I saw where The Godz were doing a tribute album with bands paying tribute to the great Eric Moore and The Godz.  I told Jeff he should submit a track.  He did and not only was it on the CD but he became good friends with Eric and joined the Godz and recorded and toured with them.  Eric has died but Jeff still keeps The Godz legacy alive.

The original Godz 1979.  Eric Moore is shirtless in the pic

Jeff Westlake recording with Eric Moore of The Godz


Jeff is now recording as Westlake with a new band.  He is also releasing solo music and has released a series of covers on his website.  

Jeff Westlake - Lilith



Jeff Ellis Russell and Honeybee

Jeff Ellis - South Charleston City Beat Blues

Jeff Ellis has been one of my favorite singer/ songwriters for over a decade  He can do it all…from folk to country to rocking out with Bud Carroll  Sometimes he sounds like Tom Petty . Sometimes he has his own style  He is a crafty songwriter in the mold of Springsteen  After all of these years of being a fan, I finally saw him live  It was a great show  

He’s also a police officer and a drill sergeant in the military. A quality man and a great musician. 


Alligator Jackson interviews Jeff Ellis


Bobby Maynard - East to West Virginia 

Even when he was the catcher on my Senior League Baseball team in the late 70s, I knew Bobby Maynard was bound for greatness. He had already won our high school talent show and was already giving banjo lessons. 

He has shared the stage with talents like Dolly Parton, Ralph Stanley, Lee Greenwood, and many more. 
Bobby with Ralph Stanley

Bobby with Lee Greenwood

Bobby and his family entertaining Governor Jim Justice


Horseburner - Eleleth

Horseburner is a powerful stoner rock band out of Parkersburg, West Virginia. Formed in 2008, this band excels in Loud, sludge metal. They recently  completed a cross country tour which seen them hit places like Texas, Indianapolis, Nashville, and many other places. These guys have shared the stage with some of the top stoner rock bands. 

Horseburner - The Fisherman’s Vow

Caught these guys at Pullman’s Square in Huntington at Huntington Comic Con. Didn’t get a chance to meet them but the guitar player did bash me on Facebook so that’s cool. I’ll still like them. They definitely bring it. 


Holly Forbes sings Rocket Man on The Voice

Holy Forbes, from Catlettsburg, Ky. electrified the show The Voice on her run   She was an immediate fan favorite and her videos received millions of hits  

A caregiver in Huntington before her fame, she performed locally as Holly and The Guy  she now sings all over the region to big crowds as she looks to transform her television success into a recording career