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The Bando


Charlie Mills works in Recovery trying to save his hometown of Huntington, West Virginia. As he struggles to save the city slammed by a drug epidemic, his own family is suffering from their own addiction problems. Charlie finds himself involved with murder and corruption and it all traces back to an abandoned house. This book is one of the truest fiction books ever as it looks at Huntington's real drug epidemic. This book looks at the issues from several points of view.

The Boiling Point 

Huntington has been called "The Heroin Capital of The United States" by HBO's documentary show The Vice. The city averages three overdoses a day. "The Boiling Point" is a fact-based fiction novel that examines all sides of the epidemic. Dakota Cook and his friends on The Huntington Police Department midnight shift combat the problem every shift. They encounter several interesting characters in their nightly routine. A Detroit gang is moving into Huntington to take over the drug dealing business. "The Road Tripz" led by Heavy immediately murder a dealer, Blue, who is selling fentanyl-laced heroin that caused several addicts to overdose and die. Cash is a local dealer who does not want to join The Road Tripz. He is also dating the daughter of the detective that is investigating Blue's murder. Cash becomes the target of both The Road Tripz and The HPD. An old Huntington Police Department legend, The Old Centurions, reunite to help combat the drug epidemic that has Huntington in it's grasp. There are plenty of facts about the drug epidemic mixed in with interesting characters and adventurous subplots

A Saturday Night In Cincinnati

."Saturday Night in Cincinnati" is an offbeat showcase of off-the-wall characters and how they come in contact with a college student separated from his friends in 1976 Cincinnati.  Troy Ash is drunk and lost in the worst part of Cincinnati after leaving a bar with a girl to 'meet' her "uncle' (supposedly Joe Nuxhall announcer of the Cincinnati Reds.  On his way to find his friends, he meets memorable characters who help him re-evaluate his life.

Behind The Locked Doors

"Behind the Locked Doors" focuses on a fictional mental health hospital and the arrival of a patient who thinks he is a superhero.  

Rusty and The Rooster

"Rusty and The Rooster" examines a fictional relationship between a singer and his mentally ill friend. Although fiction, it is a good look at mental illness.  Rusty is an aging singer/ songwriter who is lost and battling alcoholism and mental illness.  He meets his new neighbor, The Rooster, who is also battling mental illness.  Rusty learns a new perspective from his new friend and begins an unlikely comeback to the music world.