Growing Up With McDonald's

Ahhh McDonald's...sure...they are still all over town.  But as a kid... McDonald's was so much more.  It was McDonaldland.  A mythical land headed by a clown. 

We grew up with Ronald McDonald, The Hamburgler, Mayor McCheese....Grimace.  Grimace emerged as The Evil Grimace.  He had 4 arms to steal more milk shakes.  He came back in 74 as a good guy.  He was a big simple foil to Ronald McDonald. 

McDonald was retired in 2008.  The characters vanished.  Ronald was still around for a few more years.  McDonald's backed off on Ronald around 2016 because of the killer clown scare.  With the clown image scared by scary clowns, McDonald's backed away from Ronald. 

I remember the old red, white, and yellow restaurants from being a kid in 60's Cincinnati. Soon after we moved to Cumberland in the early 70s, they built a new brown building.  McDonald's then grew throughout the 70s with their new brown restaurants. 

To me, McDonald's will always be a find memory of my youth.  Mc Donald's still markets to kids...but it isn't the same without Ronald.


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