Utter bs

I love some of the bs going on. A moderator of one of the worst groups for spreading false info comes on to my page and hypocritically ask me why I spread false info.   

Heck, I got most of the info from his page lol 

Well, my page was always meant to give people a voice. I’m not sure of what the purpose is of 911 sites since it is unverified info.  

Then a lady comes onto the HPD page on their original post and says they need to talk to the guy that made the post.  

Here was and is my answer.  

 Question what?  because someone brought up a point. So there is not freedom of speech. The point was and is that people are concerned about bodies found by the railroad tracks. Most have been overdosed. But statements were never released so people wonder if there is a cover up.  
The murder that this is being tied to was last year. It is unsolved. It was a murder similar to this one.  
People have the right to ask questions, Mam.  
I am the one who made the posts. People have questions because overdose victims are found all over town. There was recently a body found at St Joe across from where I work. Me and others saw it. It was a suicide I believe but people are scared when they see bodies and nothing is said.  

I will say what I said on my page. I don’t think it is a serial killer but what I think is worse. We have a lot of drifters living on our streets and river banks. They are dangerous people from all over the country.  They have killed and will kill you over $50.  
I never slighted the HPD and have always supported them. But you are fooling yourself if you don’t think we are in the presence of dangerous drifters or big city drug dealers.

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