Murder suspect arrested

Peter Vanmaasdam III, 31, faces murder and concealment of a body charges, according to a Huntington Police Department news release.  The man was arrested in connection with the death of Mary Deel.

It was a brutal and disturbing murder and it is a relief that the man is off the street.  As usual, my posting caused arguments on my Facebook page.  I congratulated the HPD for 'solving' the case.  I was immediately told by posters that he is innocent until proven guilty and my post was offensive to the accused killer.  It certainly is right of me to say something about a man who is accused of burning a woman and doing other horrific things to her.

As usual, there were Gator Haters on hand to criticize about how I said there was a serial killer.  Well, again.......I never said there was a serial killer.  I only said that some people have been messaging me about bodies being found by the railroad tracks. I even said I did not think there was a serial killer and explained that some people see the overdoses and do not know they are overdoses or suicides.  There are bodies found on the streets of Huntington but that doesn't mean they were murdered.

But still, people hang on every word I post hoping I say something they can rant about or attack me over.  That is cool....I understand....but they need to understand that it is my page and I can state my opinion.  One of the reasons of my page was to give the little guy a voice.

So now, I am posting my thoughts on this blog as not to get Facebook after me lol.

But, anyway....congratulations go out to The HPD for making an arrest.  I won't say 'solved' the case.  Sorry, I used that word but I always think of Scooby and The Mystery Machine solving the case at the end of each episode.  I never stuck around to watch the part where Scooby and the gang had to go to court and testify.  I just always assumed after Fred's speech of how he solved it that it was solved.

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