Darker Days

The morning is dark and foggy. Fall is closing in. September is bringing us shorter days. AJ Dawg and I journeyed up to Speedway at 630 am and it was dark. 

Darker days are coming this way. We saw Country up at Speedway. He’s not looking well. He’s struggling with the sepsis that is plaguing local drug users. I pleaded with him to get help before it spreads through him. He needs to go to hospital now. 

rhe streets and alleyways on 6th around Speedway are very littered. AJ and I will have to start playing Count the Cups on the way home. We see old 7 11 cups everywhere and food packages. People look like they are living off the streets but not cleaning up. 

The air is turning cooler. It’s a warning Winter won’t be long. I worry about the amount of homeless we have and how they will keep warm when it gets cold. 

Harmony House helps but they are getting overloaded. We have to cut down the flow of homeless coming into Huntington somehow. 

AJ and I are now on the porch and are watching the fall slowly lift off of 4th Avenue. The dark day is turning brighter. But there are many dark days ahead. 

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