Violence in Charleston

While violence in Huntington has dipped down a little lately, it has been on the rise in Charleston. There has been several shootings this week in West Virginia’s capital and the mayor is tired of it. 

Charleston May Amy Godwin said, “It’s consistent and it’s insane the shootings that happened today, this community is sick of it, I’m sick of it, the police officers are sick of it, you know how maddening it is to arrest the same people over, and over and over again? “

The mayor said on the steps of Charleston City Hall that the ink isn’t even dry on the police department’s paperwork before the same people arrested are back on the streets.

How is that okay, how is that okay? What needs to happen is the judicial system, the judges, the prosecutors, the prisons, the people that are putting these violent criminals back on the streets of Charleston they need to be held accountable our guys are doing their job.”

Mayor Goodwin says that the Charleston Police Department’s solve rate is well above the national average of 50 percent, at 90%.

The same problems have dogged Huntington over the last decade  while HPD does a good job of taking them off of the streets, they are soon back out  

Many of the arrested drug dealers start selling immediately after their release  one reason witnesses do not like to testify is because the accused is soon in a position to retaliate   

It has just been released to the media that Charleston police shot and killed a man after police said the man shot and killed a police dog while at close range to other officers.

It happened just after 11:00 p.m. Saturday on East Point Drive.






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