Another life taken by infections

Infections from drug use have taken another life. A young man in his late 20s. His mother was recently in ICU for same problem. This man waited too late to see treatment. He was a pretty good guy. He was always respectful and polite to me. RIP my friend.  

As I was in Jimmy John’s this evening, two ambulances and a fire truck was a block away. 911 pages said it was a drug overdose. The situation downtown is getting worse and worse.  

Please keep the prayers going for Betty….they are working. They almost got her off the vent today. They will try again tomorrow. They were going to trach her tomorrow. They may put it off if it looks like she may come off vent.  

She is awake and although medicated, she is aware of things. It is going to be a long road back because she suffered two strokes but I will do everything to help her if she makes it out.  

Someone mentioned we need a city wide prayer for Huntington like Mayor Steve had a few years ago. It wouldn’t hurt. The problem is worse than people care to admit.

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