A few positive vibes

Kicking back with my feet on the railing enjoying this beautiful evening looking down on 4th Avenue from my second story porch.  

Enjoyed a nice evening at Culture Shock at Heritage Station. Gumbo Stop Cafe is always a nice experience but it was really great tonight. They were really busy but they had a great waitress. She was really pleasant and professional. I made a big deal a couple of weeks ago about a waitress at a local restaurant that didn’t smile. This girl tonight was as busy as she could be but still took time to smile. Debbie, the owner, told her about my page. Turns out this girl is a young journalist at Marshall who has been writing for The Parthenon. So I’m going to start sharing some of that paper’s articles.  

While I was there I ran into a friend of Bre’s. I didn’t recognize her at first. I hadn’t seen her in 8 or 9 years. Bre has been clean about four years but used to do drugs with this girl. This girl told me she has been clean over 7 years. She owns a house and a car. She also has custody of her kids which she didn’t before. With the horror I’ve seen drugs cause lately, seeing this girl doing well was a lift to my day.  

I have been seeing this older man hanging around my part of town the last few days. He had several bags with his belongings. Today, he was by the bus station. I’m pretty sure he has mental issues because he makes weird noises. Yesterday, he was sitting outside of Jimmy John’s on my way to work. When I came home was still there. A few hours later AJ Dawg and I went there and he was still there.  

I went in and asked Rico if the man hadn’t eaten at all. I didn’t want to embarrass the man but I kind of felt bad for him and was worried. So I waslked up and asked him if I could buy him something to eat. He looked at me and said, “No thank you, Sir. I’ve got food and drink.”  He opened up a bag and revealed a few cans of food and boxes and a 2 liter of pop.  

I really felt good about him. Sometimes we assume homeless are always looking for handouts. I’m not certain he was homeless but he has a buggy with a lot of possessions in it. He is proud and being independent.  He does not appear to be asking people for things but is intent on making his own way. Sometimes it is refreshing to see that homeless people are not all like the current stereotypes of being on drugs and want handouts. Some are just trying to survive and keep their dignity through tough times.  

Last night, I had the pleasure of talking with Wayne County country singer Austin Adkins. He has a great new single on a Nashville label. He is a great kid. Very polite and a class act. Very talented. Good luck Austin! 

I’m off tomorrow so I’ll be out and about!  Chomp on!

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