Alligator Jackson's Inside Huntington Facebook page has over 22,000 followers.  This page is an extra part to that...kind of like a bonus page for followers of that page.  It will have stories and opinions that are more controversial.  Although you are free to share, many of these will not appear on Alligator Jackson's Inside Huntington page.

Repeat offender captured 

HPD apprehended a man who had skipped bond and who believe was responsible for a rash of vehicle breakins in the Downtown area.  Bret Dement was booked into West Regional Jail at 2:55 pm.

HPD searching for repeat offender (UPDATE) 



The HPD is currently searching for a repeat offender who missed a court hearing and is believed to be responsible for a rash of car breakins in the Downtown Huntington area.  Dement was out on bond awaiting trial for a 2018 incident in which he alledgedly stole acar and wrecked it after a low speed chase with HPD.


Below is a picture of a person in the act of breaking into a car on 6th Avenue.  The suspect has been identified as Bret Dement.


Huntington is most robbed city in WV...why did story dissappear? 

Huntington,WV is The Most Robbed City in West Virginia. "These robbery statistics were pulled from the 2017 FBI crime data. This report by Your Local Security covers all US cities with a population over 20,000 that submitted data to the FBI. We calculated the robberies per capita for each city and found the city in each state with the highest rate of robbery in 2017." The most interesting part of the story is not that Huntington is the most robbed city in our state but that this story dissappeared from both WSAZ and WCHS websites. Both stations reported on it on their newcasts and websites about it....but was gone. It is interesting that someone was embarrassed enough to want the story down but it is also interesting that the stations were intimidated enough to take it down. Even though I have my guesses...I still wonder who wanted it down. So is our government getting involved in news stories now? Isn't this some sort of censorship? The truth is the truth....if something upsets hard to change it. Do not try to sweep it under the rug, re-spin it, or use smoke and mirrors. The public deserves the media should report...Alligator Jackson will.

Speedway...sit down...we need to talk 

Speedway...I am only doing this for your own good.  I feel like we have to have an intervention.  Your sudden obsession with corporate greed has become a problem.  Messing with your once excellent customer service by trimming down your staff to one employee on midnight shifts in busy stores to save money became a problem last year.  But honestly I overlooked it because you extended your 89 cent fountain drink....well, you never ended it.  So I was blinded by caffeine.  Now that good weather is returning...Speedway, we have a problem again.


You see, this story begins almost 30 years ago in 1990.  Super America was your name and you were owned by Ashland Oil.  Super America taught a young alligator how to manage stores

You taught me

1) If there's more than three people in line- open another register

2) a big store is unsafe with only one employee on a shift

3) if a crowded store is unmonitored, shoplifting will increase


There are three Speedway locations in Huntington that are big stores and high volume Hal Greer, 8th and 9th, and Madison Avenue.  Speedway started going with one employee on midnight shifts.  With warm weather lines at the high volume stores quickly exceeding the old 3 in line policy, I am finally considering switching c-store company's.  Saturday night I stopped at one of the big 3 locations, there were 15 people in line.  Now I spend way too much money in c-stores, mainly because of my Fudge Round and caffeine addiction, my girlfriend's nasty smoking habbit, and the fact that my truck is a gas guzzler.  The reason I perfer convenience stores over grocery stores and that I am willing to pay the 40 percent profit margin is because they are theorectically quick.  Theorectically, a customer pays a little more for convenience including speed.  So anyway, Speedway, you violate your own rule of three customers in line open another register because you only have one available cashier.  You do it to save money in the name of corporate greed.


2)  It is extremely unsafe for the three high volume stores to go with one employee.  Those stores are frequently robbed and are in high crime areas.  I have frequently witnessed drunk or high customers in these stores at night.  These customers can easily become beligerent or violent.  if an employee is dealing with a violent customer they are likely not going to be able to call 911.


3)  Super America taught me that is crucial to monitor customers in a busy store.  It would appear that these stores are losing more money due to shoplifting because the store is basically unmonitored than if they paid an extra $80 for another employee.


Speedway, I am only doing this intervention because I love you and I don't want to leave you.  Your employees are great which is why I worry about their safety.  Your prices are cheaper than 7 11.  I am totally infatuated with your product lines and your Speedy Rewards program.  Please tell me that me and other customers are worth the extra 80 bucks a night.


Editor's note....I have been told that the stores do not have enough transactions to merit having another cashier...even though if they would watch the cameras and see the long lines their opinions may change.  


Mental illness a factor in "mall kidnapping?" 

One last commentary on the "mall kidnapping". I know what she did was horrible but we are living in an age where mental illness is everywhere...maybe what she did was rooted in mental illness not hatred. I haven't heard anything about a psychological evaluation but that may be a good place to start. I felt as uncomfortable seeing her paraded on TV to court as I did watching him. Hopefully she gets the help she needs and all involved in this circus heal.

Po Boys: surviving the blaze and continuing their great customer service 

Po Boys on Hal Greer went above and beyond the call of duty helping out a young girl who got two tires slashed and is on a limited budget. The owners are hardworking people who take care of their customers. They definitely helped this girl out of a bad situation today. Their business caught on fire but that didn't stop them...they were up and serving their customers that day.

Stewart's Attacked Again by Left Wing Activist  

A movement led by left wing activist Dakota Nelson is trying to get SODEXO to cut the contract with Stewarts Hot Dogs from Marshall University.  if successful, there would not be any Stewart's hot dogs or napkins at Marshall University sporting events.

  The controversy is a result of  statements made by Stewart's owner John Mandt Jr. regarding a vigil held in Huntington this past weekend, and Muslim community members.

   Mandt Jr. defeated Nelson in the 16th District House of Delegates race this past November.

Many teachers and gay citizens were upset the way Mandt voted in the recent legislative session.  This sparked a protest of Stewart's restaurant in Huntington.  The community rallied around Mandt to show their support after the protests. Mandt has been a longtime supporter of the Huntington community and of Marshall University.      

Marshall would be ill-advised to enter a politically motivated war.  There would be nothing to gain and they would only enrage Stewart's fans.  Stewart's has long been a staple of Marshall sporting events and fans want a Huntington product at the games.


Aj Dawg has had her disagreements with Stewie....but she still loves Stewart's.  

Here is the link to watch Dakota Nelson's talking about John Mandt's anti-Muslim comments