We represent our companies

Last night a patient who is at the mental health hospital I work at told me he realized he had a problem and needed help. He came to us voluntarily. Last time he was there on mental hygiene. He came to us by choice because he said of me and a few of my coworkers mainly Cindy and Annie were kind, good people and he knew we would help. This is the kind of compliment that helps me throw on the blue shirt and khaki's everyday and walk 16 hours of rounds everyday. I could have a desk job somewhere or be riding in a car like my last job....but I feel like I am helping and it helps me. The interaction is something I need as well. 

My main point, though....is that I represent my company. In most jobs we do....we are our company. Our actions are what defines our company in the customers' minds. What they think of us is what is spread to the people they know and becomes the public's perception of our company. 

When I worked for Goldsmit Sydnor....I was Goldsmit Sydnor to my customers. Outside of the delivery guy, I was the only connection to the company. If they were happy with me then my company was great in their eyes. If they were dissatisfied with me then........... 

We owe it to our company and coworkers to make sure our actions are consistent with the company's goals and ethics. In the field of health care and social work, we are not there to punish or equalize things out. We are there to help those who need us. By lifting those up who have fallen or have been knocked down we are not only securing a good reputation for our team and ourselves but we are putting back the puzzle one piece at a time......and that puzzle is Huntington. 

If that person is better and feels better about themselves....then they pass the goodwill on. No matter if you are a sales rep, policeman, healthcare worker, or mechanic......please remember that in someone's eyes you are the company. Remember to follow your company's misson statement.... otherwise you are unfairly giving your company and team a bad rep. A job does not have to be just a paycheck....the opportunity to help my company makes me feel whole.

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