The Super Question: To Knee or Not To Knee

Suddenly thanks to a stoned out rock singer...the biggest question about the Super Bowl is not will The Patriots continue the dynasty or if The Rams will bring the Lombardi Trophy to LA.  The biggest question isn't even if Amazon can take Budweiser or Pepsi as best commercial.....The big question has become will a marginally boring leader of an average pop band take a knee?


The biggest question I have is how did Maroon 5 get to perform the legendary halftime show that has been made famous by classic performances by Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and Prince.  Maroon 5....really?  Have we ran out of rock legends?

So as the NFL attempts to gain back the ratings lost over the whole Colin Kapernick debacle....Roger Waters of Pink Floyd wants to make the Super Bowl political.  Maybe Mr Waters is miffed because Pink Floyd won't be chanting We Don't Need No Education" or singing about being Comfortably Numb during the big spotlight show.


But Adam Levine suddenly has the power to upstage Tom Brady.  He can be the most controversial Super Bowl celeb since Janet Jackson and the slip.


A marginally famous pop singer can become a legend for just a moment.  He can become known for something than his forgettable pop songs.  


Will he or will he not knee?

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