Inappropriate teacher-student relationships on the rise

It seems like just this week alone there was a huge surge of teachers engaging in inappropriate conduct with their students.  A female teacher and ex Miss Kentucky in Cross Lanes, West Virginia, about 45 minutes from me was charged with four felony counts of distribution or display of obscene matter to minors, when she sent nude pictures of herself to one of her middle-school students.


Also today, a sixth-grade teacher from New Hampshire is under arrest Friday after she allegedly sent “inappropriate” emails to a student.


Also this week, there is an investigation in Jay, Oklahoma concerning a female teacher having an inappropriate relationship with a student.  The teacher has been suspended but has yet to be arrested.


Last week, a former Houston-area teacher admitted to having a sexual relationship with a teen who was in his class when he was a student teacher, court documents show.  He was charged after having a three year affair that began when the female student was 15.  When she turned 18, they moved in together.


On November 30, a woman who was a teacher at a North Carolina middle school was arrested on a slew of charges related to having sexual activity with a student.


Earlier this week,  the South Carolina Board of Education  suspended the teaching license of a man accused of having a sexual relationship with a student in North Charleston.


What is particularly disturbing to me is that is the double standards of the reactions the public has regarding the gender of the predators...and make no mistake about it....they are predators regardless of the gender.  When, it is a male teacher committing the crime, he is rightfully labelled as a creep.  When, it is a female, the reactions are different.


I posted an article on my Facebook page about the female teacher.  There were many smart aleck comments congratulating the boy for being with such a hot woman.  It was almost like it was okay for it to happen.  To me it is more unexcusable and more inappropriate.  It is hard for the male to refuse... especially if the woman is hot.  His friends would say he is crazy and insist he was gay or a sissy.  The man teacher is thought of as a creep and the female hot teacher is kind of a fantasy.  It is easier for the female to call out the creepy male teacher than it is for the male student to proclaim himself a victim.


It is just a big of crime either way.  There should be severe penalties to serve as a deterrent.  It is becoming far too common.  There is nothing cool about a teacher taking advantage of a student no matter how hot the teacher is.  A predator is a predator no matter how attractive.  




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