Fear of ATMs

I had never heard of going to the ATM machine and it taking the money out of the account but the person does not get the money. It has happened twice to me in the last month as Desco on 6th Avenue and it has also jappened to a co-worker of mine in the last month.

Eventually, the person gets the money back but it can be very inconvenient. For me, it happened on a weekend this last time which made it worse because the process does not start until it is posted on Tuesday. I filed a grievence. It will be resolved in 1 to 10 business days. My bank grants a temporary credit but my friend's bank didn't. And if you get the maxium amount out, then it freezes the account for the day.

I work long hours so I use the ATM regularly. I used it all of the time for years when I was on the road. Now, I am afraid about using the ATM tomorrow morning. What is the phobia for fear of ATMs?

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