Aquaman is finally getting respect

Aquaman is surging through the ocean ready to attack the box office on December 21.  Already billed as the best superhero movie ever, Aquaman has ripped through China where it has already been released.  Gone is the feminine orange shirt that Super Friends bestowed on him in the 70's.  Aquaman now has ripping muscles.  He is no longer just the weak link of the Super Friends.  Aquaman is getting his respect, finally.  Aquaman is now a badass.


Super Friends made him look like a useless superhero.  Superman soared through the air.  Batman was the brains and a badass in black.  Even, Wonder Woman had a cool invisible airplane.  Aquaman rode a sea horse and talked to fish.  He was always in the background just lingering around.  Occasionally, he would have a school of tuna attack a bad guy who fell into the ocean.  


His blonde hair and feminine orange outfit sparked internet talk that he would eventually come out as gay.  The joke of being an useless superhero followed him onto Entourage.  Entourage, a hit HBO show, showcased an actor who was going to star in Aquaman.  The joke was that Aquaman would never really get a movie.


Family parodied poor Aquaman.  They made the point he was useless on land.


                                                    Sushi time with Aquaman


Aquaman is finally getting his revenge.  Here are the first reviews.


"Aquaman is a step toward restoring equilibrium, creating a sprawling undersea world that most closely resembles the Thor franchise in terms of scope, majesty and happily, humor."- Brian Lowry CNN

"Notwithstanding the inevitable formulaic dialogue and a superabundance of boilerplate superhero action sequences, "Aquaman" turns out to be, almost despite itself, an engaging undersea extravaganza." - Kenneth Turan LA Times

"Aquaman's as formulaic, excessively thrashy, and mommy-obsessed as any other entry in the DCEU, but its visual imagination is genuinely exciting and transportive, and dare I say, fun." - Emily Yoshide New York Magazine

"Aquaman, it's worth repeating, is gorgeous, the set-pieces across the various kingdoms of the underwater realm examples of artists allowed to not just hew close to the messed-up source but indulge in their own inspirations as well." - Walter Chaw Film Freak Central

"Jason Momoa shines in a lighter-hearted role, and filmmaker James Wan fully embraces the plot's increasingly ridiculous gyrations."- Rich Cline Shadows On The Wall


Aquaman trailer

Aquaman watched patiently all of these years as Super Mana nd Batman were the warriors of DC Comics.  Now, armed with razor-teeth sharks, Aquaman is ready to claim his respect.  Aquaman is ready to show the other guys how to score big at the box office.  Aquaman is ready to claim the title as the Best Super Hero Movie.  


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