Westlake's Classic Rock Roots come alive in "Dead World"


Jeff Westlake grew up in the late 70's jamming in his bedroom on guitar to albums of his rock heros Kiss, Black Sabbath, AC/DC. 

 Now decades later after establishing himself as a world-wide known guitarist...he has paid homage to his influences.  In some cases, he paid tribute to the bands he jammed to the usual way...cover songs.  With his band Hydrogyn, he covered AC/DC with "Back in Black.". He also covered Michael Schenker's "Assault Attack" in Hydrogyn, both with a female singer.  He covered Black Sabbath classics "Hot Line" and "Disturbing The Priest" while handling the vocals himself. 

Westlake honored his idol Ronnie James Dio by having Dio's ex-guitarist Craig Goldy join Hydrogyn temporarily and he recorded with ex-Dio guitarist Tracy G. He even wrote a biography on Tracy G called "The Dio Years and Beyond The Skull." Megadeath ex-guitarist Jeff Young also recorded briefly with Hydrogyn. 

Westlake did not just cover a Kiss song...he covered a whole album.  He entered the studios with some fellow musicians and recorded and released the entire "Hotter Than Hell" album achieving his goal of improving the recording quality of the album. 

The Fairland High graduate then topped himself by joining another of his heros The Godz and recording and producing a CD and remastering some tracks.  The Godz we're Kiss' label mates on Casablanca in the 70's.  Jeff's sister met the band in Columbus when she attended Ohio State and gave Jeff an eight track tape of their debut album. 

Now, Jeff is following up his debut solo album "Songs In The Key of Blue", a tribute of sorts to 70's style blues rock with a concept album. 

Ahhhh...the concept album...the forgotten child of the 70's.  Kiss had "The Elder.". Rush had "2112".  The Who had "Tommy".  Westlake will be releasing "Dead World." 

"Dead World" being released on October 26, combined several eras of rock and uses ever rock instrument imaginable including organs and a saxaphone to create the perfect feel. 

Jeff Westlake describes "Dead World", "It’s  the world that exist on the other side of the veil of our reality.  People who have not yet found a light there fighting moving onto the next phase." 

The opus opens with the Alice Cooper- like "Devil's Juice." Westlake says,"Yeah, the Devil's juice is about everything that wants to take you down.  The things that are addicting or something that just get you and you can’t let go of it to all these things are bad for you in the long run.  Whether it be drugs, hookers, alcohol....you name it." 

Westlake admits,"Not a typical album especially from me.  We tried to tie all of the rock eras together." 

With Dead World, Jeff Westlake has come full circle...paying tribute to his rock roots while still creating exciting and modern music.  Jeff Westlake becomes alive in a Dead World.

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