AJ's Top 20 Live Albums


Is the live album dead? Well, the format may not be a mummy yet but it is a srt of a dinosaur. 

The live album had it's day. In it's prime, the live album was a monster that stomped through the record industry. 

Cheap Trick, Peter Frampton, and even Kiss hopped on the back of the format. and broke through to the top the charts. The bands had built a solid collection of songs but it was the magic, energy, and emotion of their live albums that escalated their careers to a whole different level. 

In fact soon everyone had a live record. Gradually a live album became thought of as a quick cash-in. The live album became a way to make easy money without entering the studio. 

The live album format spawned the popular unplugged or acoustic format. Fans enjoyed this because they were getting different versions of their favourite songs. 

The success of the unplugged format inspired record industry insiders to think of more ways to milk easy money out of the format. Then, some idiot created the live album with a symphony concept that Metallicca, Kiss, and The Scorpions were duped into recording. I'm assuming that idiot has been banned from the recording industry. 

Although not nearly a dominant force, the live concept lives on. Some bootlegs are legendary. Some bands offer or offered live shows for sale on their sites. Metallicca and Kiss did this. Some thought the next big thing would be to be able to buy a copy of the show soon after the concert ended. This idea hasn't caught on yet. 

Alligator Jackson is listing what he thinks is the top 20 live albums of all-time. While this is a subjective list that will depend on the writer's favourite genres or bands, live albums that had an historical impact were included. 

20. It's Alive- The Ramones 
19. Unplugged In New York- Nirvana 
18. The Allman Brothers Band Live At Fillmore East 
17. Neil Young - Live Rust 
16. Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band Live 
15. The Song Remains The Same- Led Zeppelin 

14- Tribute - Ozzy Osbourne 
13. Live Evil- Black Sabbath 
12. Live At Folsom Prison- Johnny Cash 
11. live and Dangerous- Thin Lizzy
10. Strangers In The Night - UFO 

9. All The World's A Stage - Rush 
8. One For The Road - Lynyrd Skynyrd 
7. Live After Death - Iron Maiden 
6. If You Want Blood You Got It- AC/DC

5. Maiden Japan - Deep Purple 

4. Frampton Comes Alive - Peter Frampton 
3. Live At Budokan- Cheap Trick 
2. Live Bullet- Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band 

1 - Kiss Alive - Kiss 

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