Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday America!  Many  men fought and died for the freedoms we have.  The last  year has been very challenging.   We  have had power struggles over certain aspects of our rights.  We have seen more riots and divison amongst ourselves then I have seen in my nearly sixty years. 

We will overcome any attempts at divison.....You can deny history but you cannot change it.  History is there to learn from so we are not doomed to make the same mistakes.  One thing that will also stand is that many good people died...many heroes gave their lives for the rights and freedoms that many take for granted.  Many more will die to keep us free.  We have people standing on guard twenty-four hiurs a day seven days a week watching our back ready to stand in harms way to protect us. 

Other countries are watching us.  They are hoping our walls crumble from within us.  They hate our vision of freedom and that vision is a threat to their tyrancy. 

History shows again and again how our country always  comes back together when we have to.  We are the greatest country in the world and the only country in the world 'free' enough to be able to disagree about  issues. 

Enjoy America's birthday and celebrate our freedoms.  Take off your masks....breathe the air of freedom....enjoy our freedoms. We are still American strong.  Show your American pride.  God Bless America.  Happy birthday America!

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