The Toughest Fight

A friend emailed me today. She told me about this great guy who  
has been serving the citizens of Cabell County for 14 years as a 911 dispatcher. He was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Cancer. He is currently receiving radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  

I was stunned because even though I never met him I kind of knew him. He is a friend of a good friend I used to work with….both my friend and him are bodybuilders. In fact this guy is pro.  

For years I have watched my friend and this guy trade barbs back and forth through Facebook. This guy is funny and can take a joke  

I was stunned. This guy looks like the Incredible Hulk. He is huge. Literally a mountain of muscle on to of muscle. How could anything short of The Hulk himself stop this guy? 

Sadly, I have watched cancer take down men and women before. Good men and women. Cancer is The Grim Reaper’s right hand. It is an evil force that breaks hearts, destroys families, and wrecks dreams. Cancer doesn’t scare easily. Cancer does not back down.  

Cancer will not have it easy. Cancer is in for a fight. For Patrick is no quitter.  Patrick still struggles to make it to the gym by 4:30.  After training, he still punches the clock and helps people through their daily struggles and issues while he is battling this monster called Cancer.  

I immediately thought of how I whine some days and make excuses to not give things my best shot. There are times when no one is looking I will take the easy way. I felt embarrassed when I thought of this man facing an enormous battle but has no intentions of quitting.  

He made a post today on Facebook.  He was at the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center. He posted, “Someone just rang the bell. No, it wasn’t me. My turn is coming soon.” 

I am not a betting man…but if I was, my money would be on Patrick. He said he will film himself ringing the bell…and when he does, Alligator Jackson’s Inside Huntington will share it. So be ready, it may be a while but we can all watch it together.

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