The Saddest Story


An older lady struggled with depression her whole life. At times, it was crippling. It was all she could do at times to get out of that moment.  

One night, she couldn’t get out of the moment. She was alone with her depression. This time she couldn’t pull away. The depression finally won.  

It is a sad story, that happens far too often. The story rarely gets told. No good storyteller would tell it. No good writer would write it.  

The story is different this time. It is too twisted to imagine. A small town nurse becomes a legend. It is the ultimate fairy tale as she also raises two superstar daughters.  

The legend had it all. Fame, riches, love. She had a comeback tour starting soon. The next night she was to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. She would take her place amongst legends named Cash, Jennings, and Williams.  

Her mental illness wouldn’t let her see it. Thankfully, her family shared this horrible tale with us. Why?  Because it shows us how irrational depression is.  

Suicide is that dirty little secret buried in stigma that no one wants to talk about it. But unless we talk about it. That dirty secret about how truly crippling the illness is never gets told. 

We can justify it when a young heartbroken lover takes her life or when an older lady is tired of being homeless. That is part of the stigma…we don’t always truly understand why someone takes their life.  

They take their life because the depression becomes so strong, they can’t see anything else. That is why the stigma has to go. We have to understand what a monster depression is. The stigma has to go. We have to talk about it.  

Naomi Judd gave the world some great gifts. She shared two talented daughters. She shared kindness of being a nurse. She gave the world beautiful songs. But her greatest  gift may be in stripping away some of the stigma of mental illness.  

Depression isn’t rational…it doesn’t make sense. Anyone can be inflicted with it. Even superstars. The world knows this now. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. Free yourself from the stigma. Depression is treatable.  

If you suffer from depression, it is okay to talk about it.  

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Naomi, you have suffered enough, please Rest In Peace.

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