Saying Goodbye

I was 25 when I met her. Just a young, dumb boy with a lot to learn. Over the next 34 years I would learn so much. She believed in me. She taught me to believe in myself.  

She helped me say goodbye to my mom and dad. Now, as I sit in her room with her daughter Bre…it is time to say goodbye to Betty.  

I don’t know if it’s really ever goodbye. My mom and dad are still in my heart. Betty will too.  

I walked into her room tonight at 9. She looked at me scared. She said , “ Please help me.”  

I asked “ What’s wrong?” 

She said, “I can’t breathe.”  I got the nurses. The long goodbye began.  

Bre came and that point I had to go as only one person allowed up after visiting hours. I went home and somehow got to sleep. After 3, the phone rang. The last time my phone rang was five years ago. It was Brady’s daughter telling me my friend and writing partner, the Pig, had passed.  

Phone calls at 3 am are never good.  I must say over the years Betty called me many times after 3. Tonight, it was Bre.  

Betty’s heart stopped. They brought her back. I got up and walked down here.  Her son is on the way over and a pastor. We are saying goodbye.  

Thanks everyone for all of the prayers . I saw a miracle. It just didn’t last. We got another week. She was conscious and we got to spend more time. Always fight for life and never quit believing. There are  miracles.  

But…with that said…there is a time to let go. It’s tough and all we can do is ask for guidance and pray that we make the right decision.  

With that…. thanks again for your prayers.

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