The sky was a beautiful light blue with streaks of amber and gray.  

When things look bad and I feel like quitting, something magical appears.  

Something in nature steps forward or beauty appears in the sky.  

A message from above that someone is above us. They are watching down and they want us to know that everything will be alright.  

Someone or something is up there.  They don’t show themselves but they send us a sign.  

Working in mental health, I talk to people everyday who are struggling.  Despair and gloom hangs over them.  We open their eyes to beauty. Teach them skills to find the rainbow in the darkness.  

Death has been around me lately. At times it is overwhelming….at times I feel I will be swallowed by the shadows.  

Out of nowhere, there will be a sign. A reason to have faith…..a reason to keep putting one foot after another.  

And that’s why we keep plodding ahead…moving forward. After the harshest of storms come the most exotic rainbows.   So keep moving ahead even when it hurts….and look to the sky….someone might be sending you a sign that everything is going to be alright.

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