That is Why They Play The Game

“That is Why They Play The Game” 
I thought of my dad a lot last night during The Bengals game. I always do.  

First of all, he loved The Bengals. Although he was from East St. Louis, we lived in Cincinnati when the Bengals were born.  

I remember him upset in Cumberland, Md and here when they didn’t show his Bengals. This was before any football package on cable was invented.  

He died in 98 but he would have loved Joe Burrow. Dad would have been smiling from ear to ear.  

The main reason I thought of dad was his son- me. His son used to give up too easy. In fact, his son really didn’t believe The Bengals had much of a chance. In fact, The NFL was already selling tickets to a neutral site between Bills and Chiefs.   I know if Dad would have smiled and said, “Just watch, David….this is why they play the game.” 

I told my self before the game. “It is snowing, that is the ultimate home field advantage.”  “ This is The Bills year.” 

I also thought I could hear Dad say, “That is why they play the game.” 

I flashback to Senior League Baseball. I just got struck out three times by Santo Pinto. Santo was a star pitcher at our high school. He was playing Senior League and was not even throwing half his speed. Dad said I made him look like Tom Seaver because I psyched myself out. He said, “I’ve seen you hit guys throwing a lot harder. You gave up because he was the great Santo Pinto. You let him strike you out because that is what was supposed to happen.” 

Dad gave me a heart to heart talk. He said, “You can’t give up in life because someone is bigger or better or your chances don’t look as good. You can’t give up because someone is supposed to win. You still have to work hard and no matter is if it is a game or life in general, you have to show up and give it your best shot. A man that tries can do anything. That is why they play the game.” 

Dad would have laughed when Joe Burrow said “ better send out them refunds” to the neutral site game that will never happen. Dad would have said, “That is why they play the game.” 

I’m sure Dad will be looking down and watching the game next week.

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