The change

Living in a valley of death, really gets me down….. 

Tonight AJ Dawg and I were sitting outside of Jimmy John’s. This muscular long black haired man with a long dark beard walked up to me.  

He said, “Are you Bre’s dad?”  I stared at him with my mind backtracking quickly. I had no clue who he was.  

He told me his name. I was stunned. He was a little teenager with short-hair when we lived on Scott Drive  in Proctorville.  

He came over and saw Bre a lot when Bre was there after my mom died in 2014. His dad even was interested in buying our house when we sold it.  

He, like some of the kids Bre ran with, struggled with drugs at the time. They were good kids from good homes but OxyContin was spreading quickly.  

He offered his condolences on Betty dying. I was so proud of him and happy to see he made it out of that alive and has a family, house, and good home.  

There were time I resented some of those kids because I knew they were young and doing drugs.  

It’s been about 12 years but I just wanted to hug him and tell him I am proud of him.  

So many of those kid’s didn’t make out. That period of 2008 was a hard time for kids to grow up. It is now, too.  

I hadn’t thought of that boy in several years. For him any of his friends that struggled and beat drugs that see this…… Please know I’m proud of. I know very little about addiction back then.  

Watching the struggling then inspired to learn more about it and to help people.  

I read many mean things today on my threads about Narcan. You see, people like the man I saw tonight have struggled with drugs. He didn’t deserve to die and I don’t think anyone does.  

He walked through the storm and came out alive. He is someone’s father and husband. People helped him. Now, he is a good man.  

There are some that say “let them die.”  If they realized that so many of the successful people they know that were once “them”, they wouldn’t say that.  

If you see this ——-. Congratulations. I am proud of you.  

I am sure it doesn’t bother him that Narcan is given out free. Because he totally knows that people DO change.

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