David Williams has broken off from the Alligator Jackson project with help from old buddy Nigel Cuff.  David singing and writing all of the songs.  


David says,"It is like Dr. Demento meets Spinal Tap.  It is silly but it rocks and it is fun.  There are some really killer garage rock moments.David has always been a fan of the Dr. Demento Show.  David said, " I started listening to Doc in the mid 70s in Cumberland, Md and kept listening when we moved to Huntington in 76.  There was times I couldn't find him and would be so happy when we would go on vacation and I could find him."


David loves " Fish Heads", "Pencil Neck Geek" and lesser known songs like "Some People Think Chickens Have Lips", "Chewy The Rookie Wookie", and "Psycho Chicken."


David is also a big fan of punk and Spinal Tap garage rock and incorporates that into his music.  "I dug the Ramones and a band called The Tuff Darts, you can hear it in the music."