Coronavirus Diaries 3/24/20 Sh#t Getting Real

When the coronavirus was unleashed in China, it did not seem real.  It was so far away, it was like a movie.  When it clobberred Italy, itwas a little scary.  But now it is rampaging through New York and the shit has gotten real.

New York is where my brother lived for almost two decades.  I have walked the streets of New York about five different times.  I have seen Beauty and The Beast on Broadway.  I saw The Twin Towers.  I stood in front of The Empire State Building.  I have ridden a crowded subway.  I have seen Harlem, Queens, The Bronx, and been across The Brooklyn Bridge.  

Now, New York has over 15,000 cases.  Almost  200 have died and over 200 police officers have tested positive.  Yes, indeed...the shit is getting real.  Times Square is empty.  The Naked Cowboy even poses with a mask.

The streets are not crowded.  The subways look lonely.  Times Square and Wall Street are empty.  Not even King Kong or Godzilla could empty the streets like the coronavirus.  Yes, my friend...the shit is getting real.  If it could scare New Yorkers, what will it do to everyone else.  Yes, the shit is getting real.

Meanwhile one third of the world is lockdowned.  My West Virginia joined them at 8 o'clock tonight.  There are 19 cases in my state but none in my city.  The shit is getting real.

I checked out of the hospital where I had been due to my foot being infected.  The cab driver wore a mask.  I webt to Kroger.  The stores are getting stocked but somethings were still wiped out.  There was some toilet paper.  Kroger bread was wiped.

The local bread company, Heiner's, just filled their section.

It probably did not make it to the lockdown time.  The cereal and sugar aisles were hit hard.  The shelves are slowly getting better but keep getting hit hard.

No Fruity Pebbles to be found.  Not even the generic versions.  Yes...the shit is getting real.

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