Coronavirus Diaries 3/16/20 Shutting Down Bars and Restaurants

It looks like West Virginia will be shutting down bars and restaurants some time this week.  Several states already have shut places  down.  It tears me up thinking how people are going to get hurt by these shutdowns.  I found two posts on Facebook that drive this home.  I am not going to list the names...I am copying and pasting.

"  I know we have a serious health issue. We also have another serious issue. The following people will or are losing their jobs/gigs/money & this is also a huge problem. The economic impact of this will be unreal & will get worse, the longer this goes on. I don't have a solution but I don't think some of you understand that not everyone can work from home & their livelihood depends on people NOT staying at home.

-Bar Owners / Small Restaurant Owners

-Restaurant / Bar Managers

-Bartenders -Waitstaff/Servers

-Baristas -Bussers -Barbacks

-ALL the people that make kitchens happen (whether it's 1 or 100. These people WILL be affected whether the restaurant does takeout or not.)

-Cleaning Crews that clean bars, venues, restaurants, etc.

-Sound People clubs, for weddings, events...etc

-Bands / Performers

-Bouncers / Doormen -

Venue Workers

-Hotel/Resort/Cruise Employees

-Movie Theater Employees

-Booking Agents -

Caterers/Event Planners

-Gym Owners/Employees

-Hairstylists -Cosmetologists / Nail Techs

-Tattoo Artists & Shop Owners

-Airline Workers

-Strippers. Adult Entertainers.

I'm not joking. These people are part of society & the economy. All of these people buy stuff. Have families. Pay rent. Pay taxes. Think about the entire United States. Think about how many of these places you see just in your city alone."


                       POST   2

"  I make show posters, but there are no shows.

I work in a sports bar, but there are no sports.

I work in a nightclub, but people are to avoid crowds.

In one week I've gone from looking for a house to buy to worrying about how I'm going to eat. No, like most of my friends I am not personally concerned about dying from this virus...but that doesn't mean it can't kill me."    

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