Blogs written by David "Alligator Jackson" Williams

UFOs: Are the aliens still amongst us? 

Growing up in the 70s, it seemed like there were always reports of UFOs.  Every week or so some country boy seemed to be getting carted away to outer space to be anal probed.  Gradually they decreased until the 90s when the success of X Files regenerated interest.


It seemed like reports declined over the last decade or so.  I figured that maybe technology would be so advanced now that it would find ET if he was out there.


It always seemed logical to me that there could be other beings living in this vast universe...but as with ghosts and monsters...I will only believe they exist when I see them.


It has always been hard for me to believe that with all of the sightings that it has not been proven that they exist.  BUT now that I am older and less naive, I realize that if the government knew or knows about them that they would keep the information from us.  So until I run into a little green Martian in 4 and a Half Alley, I am going to have to wait for a top governmental official to spill his guts on his deathbed.  


Well, the past week I have ran across articles on the internet pertaining to our friends in space.  It seems just last week, a fisherman in The Outer Banks of North Carolina filmed some lights that could be a UFO.Link to story


Also last week, a teacher in Keller, Texas went to take pictures of the beautiful Texas sunset and ended up with a picture of something she did not expect.Link to story


Last month, a plane spotted bright lights and UFOs off of the Irish Coast.

Also last month a huge blue object was seen hovering over The International Space Station on a live feed from NASA.  Then suddenly the feed was cut.



So evidence is that the aliens are still amongst us.  They are still curious about us even if they have intercepted episodes of our reality shows.  At any rate, at least they are leaving our country boys alone or maybe they did all of the anal probes they needed to do back in the 70s.

The War on Santa Claus 

The picket signs  have not shown up at the North Pole yet and there are not crowds throwing snowballs at Santa's sleigh....but, give it time, it's not quite Christmas yet.  In recent years there has been a full blown effort by wackos to get Christ out of there are wackos going after the beloved fictional Christmas figure. 

In Cleburne, Texas, a man was arrested after he refused to stop protesting Santa Claus outside a church that was having a breakfast with Santa event.  Three men were protesting that the church was lying to kids about Santa.  Two of the other men left but the one arrested refused to leave.  They held signs and asked, "Do you let your kids believe in a fake Santa or do they know who Jesus is?"  The mayor of Cleburne had Santa's back.  He posted on Facebook, "Don't mess with Santa. While I understand folks right to protest, Cleburne loves Santa and those protesters who were naughty and broke the law when they trespassed were arrested promptly. Guess they wanted coal in their stockings to go with a court appearance." 

A grinch in Summersville, South Carolina was arrested for arson after going into multiple yards of his neighbors and setting Christmas decorations.   

A school principal in Nebraska banned Christmas.  In a memo, she communicated, "I will do my best to communicate the expectation from here on out, which aligns with my interpretation of our expectations as a public school who seeks to be inclusive and culturally sensitive to all of our students," Sinclair said in the memo following a list of "not acceptable" practices like the following:  

Using images of Santas or Christmas items on worksheets.  
Trees in classrooms.  
Elf on the shelf.  
Singing carols.  
Playing Christmas music.  
Sending a scholastic book that's also a Christmas book.  
Making ornaments as gifts.  
Christmas videos/movies and/or characters from Christmas movies.  

And a most curious "not acceptable" item: candy canes.  

According to Sinclair, the shape of a candy cane and its color strongly represent Christianity and Catholicism.  

"Historically, the shape is a 'J' for Jesus. The red is for the blood of Christ, and the white is a symbol of his resurrection. This will also include different colored candy canes," Sinclair wrote. Here is the story.   

In New Jersey, a substitute teacher told her elementary school students that Santa was not real.  The kids' parents had Santa's back and so did the principal.   

A substitute teacher in New Jersey has been fired after telling first-grade students that Santa Claus is not real.  

Cedar Hill Elementary School Principal Michael Raj sent a letter home to parents letting them know that a teacher told their kids that Santa, elves, flying reindeer, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are not real.  Raj said he spoke to the teacher about her "poor judgment" and wanted to make parents "aware of the situation and if the conversation comes up at home over the next few days you can take appropriate steps to maintain childhood innocence of the holiday season." 


Those fighting Santa are also accusing Santa of bullying Rudolph in the classic "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.  They say Santa encouraged the other reindeers not to let Rudolph play in any reindeer games because he was different.  Santa is the one who gave the young reindeer a chance to be a hero.  He believed in Rudolph.  



There was also word that Facebook censored a picture of Santa Claus kneeling before baby Jesus.  Facebook said they just put a warning over the picture but removed it after controversy ensued. 

It is hard for me to comprehend a war on Santa Claus.  I do not agree with the war on Christmas but I do understand the argument.  The whole attack on Santa is just beyond me.  I see the argument as something brought on by attention seekers.  The whole holiday season is an attempt to be festive and spread joy and "peace on Earth and goodwill to men."  Though, Christ's birth means a lot to me and is the real reason for the season....if you do not agree with that at least let the children enjoy Santa and the joy of the season.  Don't be a grinch, of all of the meanness in the world, why destroy Christmas?  Let kids enjoy Santa and the Christmas spirit.  Let's end the War on Santa!

Downtown Huntington vagrancy increasing crime around Marshall University 

The Summer heat, abundance of abandoned houses, re-emergence of meth, free needle exchange, and other factors led to an increase of homeless in the Downtown Huntington area.  Many settled in that area because of the availability of drugs, food, and other services in the area.  There were also several abandoned houses that provided shelter.


The Spring of 2018 also saw many drug users shift their preference from heroin to meth or ice (a more crystallized version of meth). "Max", a homeless addict who lives on the streets in Huntington started initially using meth to ween himself off of heroin because of the danger of overdoses.  Max said, "It got to be where the heroin wasn't heroin anymore.  It was all Fentanyl and Carafentanyl.  I had overdosed once and was lucky that someone had Narcan."


Max started using Suboxone to get off of opioids and meth for the buzz.  He was buying Suboxone off of the street but later got a prescription for it but eventually quit going to the clinic where he was going and now uses whatever drug he can find.  "I really liked ice this past warm weather.  I could go for days.  I eventually loss my job.  The weather was warm so I'd get shelter from abandoned houses.  The ice had me up for days so I really did not need a place to sleep very often.  I put my belongings in a backpack or stashed them."


Abandoned houses became communities for homeless addicts.  They also became dwellings for drug use, drug dealing, prostitution, harboring stolen items, and other activities.  Many of these addicts began staying at The Flats.  They stole furniture and appliances  out of the old hotel and sold or pawned them.  They stripped copper wire from the building for drug money.


I first met "Clyde" about six weeks ago when I was moving out of 4 and a Half Alley.  I had paid someone to finish sweeping out my apartment.  I left to go my other apartment.  When I came back, the sweeper told me this guy went into my apartment.  I went in there and Clyde had shot up heroin and overdosed.  I had Narcan in my truck and applied it.  I called 911.  He was up and gone before the EMS arrived.  


Clyde had just gotten out of West Regional Jail.  Someone that he was in jail with told him about The Alley.  Clyde gets a social security check so the ex Northern Ohio resident had access to cash.  Clyde decided he liked the area and stayed.  Although he has an income, he uses it on drugs not shelter.  He had been ticketed twice for tresspassing in the Flats.


Clyde expanded his criminal activity.  Two weeks ago he stole three hunting bows out of a parked vehicle in the area around the Flats.  Him and three drug buddies attempted to sell the bows.  They called an acquaintance for transportation.  The acquaintance knew someone interested in the bow.  Clyde did not realize that the acquaintance was the uncle of the person who the bows were stolen off of....the supposed  buy was a setup.  Clyde got his ass kicked and arrested.


Clyde was suddenly released as few days later as his charges were suddenly dropped.  He returned to Ohio but has said he will return.


With the weather getting colder many in the alley are scrambling to find relief from the cold.  A danger will be as they start fires in abandoned houses to stay warm.  One homeless couple stumbled upon a vacant apartment in 4 and a Half Alley.  They hit the jackpot as they had water and electricity.  They stayed there two days before the landlord approached them. They left before the police arrived.


The theft continues in the downtown area.  "Becky" is a homeless addicts that is scrambling to find shelter and food.  Beck said, "I don't believe in stealing.  I only steal because I am hungry.  Most of time I find food in dumpsters or I find something else in dumpsters that I can sell to get food.  I do eat at the shelter some but I don't stay at the mission because I don't have an ID."


Becky was out searching for unlocked cars for change to buy food last week.  She was at a sorority house.  Another homeless girl was with her.  She tried a few car doors and did not have any success.  She started walking down the street.


The other girl pulled up in a car she stole.  The girl did not get in.  The other girl told her the next day where the car was.  Then, Becky's picture showed up in a video from the sorority parking lot.  She contacted me to plead her innocence.  The videos from the parking lot and River View Manor where the car was ditched will show she was not involved and her cooperation led to the car being recovered.


When parking in Downtown or around Marshall University, it is essential that you lock the doors of your vehicle and do not leave anything of value in sight.  There are squatters from the Flats and other abandoned buildings searching for change and items to steal for drug and food money.  

Inappropriate teacher-student relationships on the rise 

It seems like just this week alone there was a huge surge of teachers engaging in inappropriate conduct with their students.  A female teacher and ex Miss Kentucky in Cross Lanes, West Virginia, about 45 minutes from me was charged with four felony counts of distribution or display of obscene matter to minors, when she sent nude pictures of herself to one of her middle-school students.


Also today, a sixth-grade teacher from New Hampshire is under arrest Friday after she allegedly sent “inappropriate” emails to a student.


Also this week, there is an investigation in Jay, Oklahoma concerning a female teacher having an inappropriate relationship with a student.  The teacher has been suspended but has yet to be arrested.


Last week, a former Houston-area teacher admitted to having a sexual relationship with a teen who was in his class when he was a student teacher, court documents show.  He was charged after having a three year affair that began when the female student was 15.  When she turned 18, they moved in together.


On November 30, a woman who was a teacher at a North Carolina middle school was arrested on a slew of charges related to having sexual activity with a student.


Earlier this week,  the South Carolina Board of Education  suspended the teaching license of a man accused of having a sexual relationship with a student in North Charleston.


What is particularly disturbing to me is that is the double standards of the reactions the public has regarding the gender of the predators...and make no mistake about it....they are predators regardless of the gender.  When, it is a male teacher committing the crime, he is rightfully labelled as a creep.  When, it is a female, the reactions are different.


I posted an article on my Facebook page about the female teacher.  There were many smart aleck comments congratulating the boy for being with such a hot woman.  It was almost like it was okay for it to happen.  To me it is more unexcusable and more inappropriate.  It is hard for the male to refuse... especially if the woman is hot.  His friends would say he is crazy and insist he was gay or a sissy.  The man teacher is thought of as a creep and the female hot teacher is kind of a fantasy.  It is easier for the female to call out the creepy male teacher than it is for the male student to proclaim himself a victim.


It is just a big of crime either way.  There should be severe penalties to serve as a deterrent.  It is becoming far too common.  There is nothing cool about a teacher taking advantage of a student no matter how hot the teacher is.  A predator is a predator no matter how attractive.  




Santa:"Christmas is for memories..not protesters" 

With it being Christmas time, I called my old friend Santa Claus to see how he was holding up under the stress.  The jolly old dude is not getting any younger and his sugar  has been running high.


Santa answered the phone and said, "Little Gator, how are you?  Ho, ho, ho!"


I smiled as I was happy to hear his jolly voice and answered, "I've been good, not naughty at all.  I am on the good list, right? Have you checked it twice yet?"


Santa laughed, "Ho, ho, ho.  Of course you are, are old.  Ho, ho, ho.  I'm stressed out, Gator.  These Christmas- haters aren't happy until they ruin Christmas for everyone."


"Are they still trying to get Christ out of Christmas?"I asked.  


Santa paused and took a deep breath, " Gator, it's everything.  Everyone is offended by something.  Now, they line up at the North Pole protesting with signs.  They say Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer promotes bullying!"


I was stunned, I blurted, "What?!  Rudolph is the classic underdog.  He shows that everyone belongs...even if you are different, there is a place for you on the team."


Santa was mad, his voice raised, "They try to say Rudolph is gay and his parents made him stay in the closet..."(Authors for story)


I couldn't believe it, "Wow.  So I guess he was bullied because he was gay."


Santa was upset, "Next they will say I molest kids because they sit on my lap.  Or that the reindeers fly because I give them drugs.  Christmas is for memories not protesters.  There's no protesting in Christmas, it's a spirit."


I shared his frustration, "I heard they banned Baby It's Cold Outside in Cleveland."


Santa chuckled, "Ho, ho, ho.  It pissed everyone off too.  Pardon Santa's language.  They took a vote and 95 per cent said don't ban it.  The radio station just wanted attention.  People overanalyzing a seventy year old song. Just enjoy the's from a different era.  People enjoyed it for that long, now it is suddenly about rape."


I sighed in disgust," Next they'll say Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer promotes cruelty to old people."


Santa shrugged, "Santa's about fed up. West Virginia coal sales are going to skyrocket this year because Santa is going to be handing out so many lumps of coal that Rudolph will be leading a coal train.  Ho ho ho!"


I chuckled, "Well, Santa don't forget me.  I'll have the same Ol' Christmas tree not Holliday tree up and listening to the same Ol' Christmas songs.  I love West Virginia but please no lumps of coal.  I'll leave you a healthy snack, too.


Santa laughed, "Ho, ho, ho.  You were always a good one Gator...just make it milk and cookies because good things should never change, that's what makes traditions and Christmas special.  Watch Rudolph, listen to Baby It's Cold Outside and eat the cookies.  When you get older, Gator, the magic isn't in the lyrics of the song, or the characters of the shows, or even in the sugar of the cookies...the magic is in your heart and in the memories.  Enjoy it Gator, we only have so many Christmases...and even fewer with the ones we love.  Eat the fruitcake and kiss under the mistletoe...don't worry about the small stuff because someday one Christmas will be your last Christmas."










Death of my cousin...death of a rock superstar 

My cousin Scott overdosed and died December 3, 2015.  His brother, Michael, died in 2007 of cardiomyopathy which was inflammation of the heart from extended drug use.

I had only met my cousins a couple of times.  They were my Uncle Rip's grandsons.  They moved to  California but we visited them twice when they lived in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.


About 30 years ago, I used to tell my dad about a local singer, Billy Ray Cyrus, who I used to watch perform at The Ragtime, a Huntington bar.  I told him Billy Ray was going to hit it big.  I bragged about him signing with Mercury Records.


One day, my dad got off the phone with Uncle Rip.  He bragged his great nephew, Scott, was in a band called Mighty Joe Young and they were going to record an album.


I was not impressed as I said Mighty Joe Young was a giant ape and I was sure  Cousin Scott could never outdo Achy Break Heart. I was not even impressed when his band changed their name to Stone Temple Pilots.  In fact, I wasn't impressed until Plush hit the radio...then I was impressed.


STP toured Huntington that year opening for Megadeath but I didn't go.  That was before Plush.  After Plush, I was a mega- Scott fan forever.


Once I listened to Core, I followed every aspect of his career.  I went to the .midnight release sale of Purple, read magazine interviews, and stayed up to watch his late night TV performances.


Scott Weiland was a singer with a wide vocal range.  He was a talented songwriter.  He sang backup vocals on two songs by ex- Beatle Ringo Starr, he collaborated with R &B artist Pharrell Williams, wrote a song for Spice Girls that was never released, even a country song which he wanted to record with Tim McGraw and recorded a Perry Comp styled Christmas CD.  Of course he recorded with Limp Bizkit and other artist.

A song with Pharrell Williams that inspired a mega hit for Williams


Michael Weiland singing



Scott does country


Scott shows his Beatles influence with the unreleased Hazy Divey


Not only was Scott a talented singer and songwriter but he owned a record company at one time, was thinking about acting, and had a clothing line.


As lead singer of The Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, Scott had a great career and also three solo albums.  He also sang on the underrated Art of Anarchy album.


​​​​​​Art of Anarchy


I was at work on December 3, 2015 on the midnight shift when my brother in California texted me that Scott Weiland passed away on his tour bus in Bloomington, Minnesota.  It was news that so many feared would eventually come.  We wanted to believe Scott was the superhero that could beat addiction. Addiction is a monster that is slowly destroying the world.... Scott was not Superman or Batman.  He was just a man...a man with a disease called addiction.  Like many other fathers, sons, cousins, eventually killed him.  Maybe drugs gave him creating e energy or inspiration....but it would have been great to see what he could have achieved without drugs.  Drugs or no drugs...he was a great man, a great writer and singer, and a great father.  As his second cousin, I wish I could have known him better.

A song from his last CD


A song I wrote in his honor



Scott...we wish you were here


Scott doing backup vocals on Ringo Starr's Minefield

A Small-town in Maryland and it's love affair with high school football 

There's a small American town of 20,000 that gets 10 to 15,000 fans to the annual homecoming rivalry between the town's top two schools.  One of these schools just notched up its' fifth state championship in the last six years today.

Nope...I am not talking about Texas.  Texas has become known as the home of high school football, where high school football is king.  Nope...this small town which has become High School Football USA is a town in Maryland.  The town is Cumberland and the champions are the Fort Hill Sentinels.

The culture of Cumberland is the same as small-town Texas.  Friday nights are the main event.  Whether it be the Fort Hill Sentinels or the Allegany High Campers... All generations become psyched up on Fridays.  Kids start young playing youth football and dreaming of busting through a huge red sign that reads “Go Big Red” that is draped over the goalpost.


I grew up in Cumberland in the 70s.  Cumberland was thriving thanks to the railroad industry, Kelly Springfield Tires, PPG, and others.  Over the years, the jobs disappeared.  The biggest employers were state and federal prisons.  To make things worse, the drug epidemic hit.


Every year, hundreds or thousands of alumni that left for more opportunities return to see Fort Hill and Allegany meet.  Cumberland comes alive every November for that event.


The fans and teams are classy and full of heart.  In today's championship game, a player from Fredrick Douglass was seriously injured (the young man has been discharged from the hospital).  The Fort Hill players prayed on the sidelines.

Cumberland, the town, is full of heart.  Like the champions that the city raised, Cumberland will prevail.  The town will prevail.


Cumberland is a city city of champions.  Fort Hill now has 7 state championships.Allegany has 8 giving the city 15 state championships.  Fort Hill is 81-3 since 2013. The town has a big heart and a love of high school football perhaps only rivalled deep in the heart of Texas.


Marvin's seat is on fire as the mobs grab their pitchforks 

Football and blog writing have one thing in common...they are both full of cliches.  There is really no other way to say it...but Bengal fans are wanting Marvin Lewis' head.  They have gathered their pitchforks and are lining up the door at Paul Brown Stadium.  Marvin is no stranger to a hot seat but this time the seat is on fire.

Just a few short weeks ago, Marvin had the Bengals at 5-3.  Then, came the embarrassing rout by The Saints.  Then, they blew a game to the hated rival The Ravens.  To use another cliche, the natives we're restless....well, really they were pissed.  After The Browns beat the poo out of the Bengals at home....they lit their torches.


On paper, the defense coming into the year looked like one of the leagues best.  In reality the defense held up like paper.  Black Friday shoppers rushed a skid of big screen TV sets harder than the Bengals rushed quarterbacks.


The Bengals brought in Hue Jackson and it looked like Lewis would either retire at the end of the year or get an easier job in the organization and hand the reins over to Hue.  The Browns changed that scenario.


Mike Brown does not want to fire Marvin this year.  With a year left on his contract he probably doesn't want to fire him at all.  Now, Andy Dalton is out.  Brown, the one who is to blame for year after year of Bengal disaster probably won't be able to fend off the mob if The Steelers rout them and the unthinkable and unforgivable.....The Browns beat them again.


ESPN's Steve Smith said this about Marvin a few weeks ago,"How many coaches have to go before this ownership for the Cincinnati Bengals - as pathetic as they get - continuously finds an excuse to keep Marvin Lewis! ... Fifteen years and counting! ... It's utterly ridiculous. ... Instead of losing his job, he got another damn job! You've got to be kidding me. ... Marvin Lewis is at a point right now - he should be working for free."


Even my great friend John Moore, the most loyal Bengal fan I know posted on Facebook during The Browns game "Fire Marvin Lewis please."


Yes....the seat is getting hotter and hotter. Once the season goes down in flames, the flames should consume that fragile seat BUT once Marvin goes there is no one left to blame but Mike Brown.

Huntington Area Rockers to listen for in 2019 

These are some of Alligator Jackson's favorite West Virginia Rockers rawking out in the competitive indie rock world. There are a lot of great artist that although may not live in Huntington, spend a lot of time and have a large following.  There are several other bands and artist that have been on this list in the past like The horse Traders and Sly Roosevelt but these bands are currently very active and have either released new material or are getting ready to in 2019.  There is not any intended disrespect for any artist not on the list, these are just Alligator Jackson's favorite and an attempt by the gator to spread the word of his favorite local bands.  As always SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!!!

Not listed in any particular order.


JEFF ELLIS - Certainly not a stranger to the West Virginia rock scene, Jeff Ellis has teamed up once again with West Virginian rock hero Bud Carroll of AC30 and ex- member of American Minor for this scorching rock single of 2018.  Ellis, who possesses a Tommy Petty-like voice has recorded excellent rock,alt rock, folk, blues rock, and country songs comes out rocking hard on The Destroyer which leaves us hungry for a full-length CD in 2019.

Jeff Ellis' Facebook page

ONA - The band hailing out of On a, West Virginia released  a highly acclaimed CD "American Fiction" in 2013 that was produced and engineered by Bud Carroll.  Since then, they have been touring and working on their sophomore release scheduled to drop in 2019.

band members 

Bradley Jenkins 
Zach Johnston 
Max Nolte 
Zack Owens 
Brad Goodall

Ona's Facebook page


A Charleston area jam band that has forged their own original sound and a popular following into Huntington.

band members - Christopher Vincent, James Maddox, Max Venoy, Jared Layman, Tracy Lipscomb, Steve Barker

qiet's Facebook page



Ducain released an EP a few days before Thanksgiving and continue to work on a full length CD.  Their excellent new EP "Phoenix" combines traditional southern rock with Americana.  Their live shows kick ass with a strong classic southern rock playlist including The Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

band members

Jeremy Sargent - Vocals/Guitar 
Austin Lewis- Guitar 
Rich Mills - Bass/Keys 
Jared Holley - Drums/Vocals

Ducain's Facebook page



The local band featuring The talented Hatten brothers have been playing around Huntington the last few years and fans are eagerly anticipating their debut released.  They are heavily influenced by The Beatles but have their own fresh sound.

Corey Hatton - Guitar, Vocals 
Cody Hatton - Bass Guitar\Vocals 
Isaac Hodges - Lead Guitar 
C.J. Davis - Drums

Of The Dell's Facebook page


As lead guitarist of Hydrogyn, Jeff toured the world and landed on Billboard charts.  He also was in The Godz, a band that was on Casablanca Records in the 70s.  Last year he released a solo album, In the Key of Blue, on which he also did vocals.  On November 30, he releases Dead World, a concept album to be released worldwide and impact the struggling rock world.


Jeff Westlake's Facebook page


Country-rock singer/songwriter with a Tom Petty swagger.  He has a strong 70's new wave power pop influence running through his music as well as his voice recalls Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe.  He is backed by a seasoned band including well known Huntington artist Bud Carroll.


Band Members 

William Matheny 
John R. Miller 
Bud Carroll 
Adam L. Meisterhans 
J. Tom Hnatow 
Jeremy Batten 
Clint Sutton

William Matheny's Facebook page



Power pop and punk pop mixed with a whole lotta fun.  Playful rock band with a kick and a touch of Weezer and Blink 182.

video for Wendy's Trash Can

Jordan Hudkins - Vocals/guitar 
Adam L. Meisterhans - Guitar 
Devin Donnelly - Bass/vocals 
Sean Hallock - Drums/percussion 
Derrick Brandon- Guitar (touring)

Kid Rozwell website

Kid Rozwell Facebook page


The band recently formed in 2017 in the Charleston area with well known Huntington area vocalist Stacee Lawson.  Lawson has recorded solo cds and with band Under Social.  The band recently dropped an impressive cover of 80's classic Voices Carry as their debut single and will make an impact with their debut full-length cd in 2019.

Band Members 

Stacee Lawson-Vocals 
Johnny Compton-Guitar 
Steve Kelly-Guitar 
James Hairston-Drums

Luna Park's Facebook page




The Huntington band is an energetic mix of alternative rock and rhythm and blues that is forged together for their own signature sound.  They just recently released a 4 song download Live at Pullman Square

Band members

Hannah Spurlock: Vocals 
Chris Barker - Bass 
Alan Brown: Guitar and Vocals, 
Heath Holley: Trumpet and vocals


The Dividends' Facebook page


Battle of The Rockys...Gator ranks the Rocky movies 

Well...I'm fresh from watching Creed 2 with my good friends that I have had ever since the franchise began.  Make no bones about is called Creed but it is still Rocky.


Before we fight about fighting movies...because no ever agrees on this type of list....let me say that there really isn't a bad Rocky movie....well, that is at least if you are a male that likes watching ESPN Sportscenter in his underwear while drinking a cold beer.


8--- Rocky V - maybe the one number we can all agree on.  The weakest Rocky.  Here, we get brain-damaged Rocky unable to legally fight.  We get a rip-off Don King parody and a Great White Hope - Tommy Gunn, played by ex-boxer Tommy Morrison who has since passed away.  Those two characters are perhaps the weakest in the Rocky franchise.  There are two significant factors which play on in Balboa and the 2 Creed movies...... We see Rocky struggle in his relationship with his son and we see him make the transition to successful trainer.  These two developments make this movie important in Rocky World.


We also get a memorable dramactic Adrian speech

7----Balboa.... Here"s where the bickering starts.  I enjoyed this movie.  It was satisfying.  It went full circle and wrapped up some loose ends.  It was great seeing 60 year-old Rocky be a George Foreman type figure.  But, as enjoyable as it was it was more like catching up with an old friend and not creating great Rocky moments...except for this great Rocky speech.

6----Creed......Again...there aren't any bad Rocky movies.  Creed was a great step forward to keep Rocky alive.  We get Apollo Creed's son played excellent by Michael B. Jordan.  Tessa Thompson is excellent as his significant other.  Adonis Creed rises out of nowhere and his dad's shadow at the same time.  Well produced...well written...well acted.  Perhaps more qualty in production than the Rocky movies.

5 Creed 2.....A very good movie and definitely worthy of the Rocky franchise but not a classic like the first four Rocky movies.  Well produced and well acted.  We get revenge and the Drago's.  Parts of Rocky 2, Rocky 3, and Rocky.  Jordan is great as Creed.  He looks small in beginning but looks huge in the end.  Lots of looks at relationships between fathers. The movie just hit theatres so I don't want to give any spoilers.

4----Rocky 2.....The first four Rocky movies are classic.  Ranking them is just a matter of personal taste.  Rocky 2 has Rocky becoming champ by wanting it more and getting up at the end as both are done.  We also get Rocky's son being born.


3---Rocky 4 - Another classic.  A great soundtrack.  The death of Apollo Creed.  Ivan Drago.  The great training in Russia sequences.  Ahhhh we must not forget the dramactic "You can't win" speech.

2----Rocky 3----The emergence of Mr. T...without this movie there wouldn't have been The A Team.  Apollo and Rocky join forces. Mickey dies....and another dramactic Rocky and Adrian encounter.

1-----Rocky------It had to be Rocky.  The classic underdog story.  The flashy Apollo Creed.  The Rocky theme.  A young Stallone.

It is hard to compare movies from different eras since there has been 42 years since Rocky to Creed 2.  It is hard to say if there will be any more Creed movies.  The characters are strong but you have to fear if there is a Creed 3 it will have Rocky's death.  The world has changed.  Boxing isn't as is UFC now.  But one thing will never change.....the appeal of the underdog.