Tom Brady Leaves Patriots, To Star in TV Show

(Boston, Mass) Future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady has stunned the sporting world by announcing he is leaving the New England Patriots.  While NFL fans begin speculating which city Brady will surface and be playing on Sundays in 2020, The Smiling Gator has inside information that Brady has played his last down of football.

Sources close to Tom Brady have told The Smiling Gator that Brady will be on TV on Sundays, but it will not be on the football field.  The QB with the model- like looks, will be starting the new Sunday night sitcom "The Tom Brady Bunch.  In the show, Brady will play himself - a former 43 year-old NFL superstar.  The character gets bored with himself and becomes a nanny for a mother with 6 kids to kill time.  As he gets himself into wacky situations, Brady's nefarious ex-teammates stop to lend a hand.  Bill Belichick, his ex-coach, stops by the household to give him fatherly advice on how to keep the youngsters out of trouble.

The show will be a situation comedy filmed in front of a live audience and will have a moral every week.  Brady will also coach one of the children's peewee football team.  In the pilot episode, the kid decides to emulate his 'nanny' and try to deflate footballs.  Brady tries to sit the kid down and explain why it was wrong for him to do that.  Brady hilariously stammers and stumbles and cannot come up with a reason why the boy should not have done it.  The doorbell rings and Bill Belichick pops in and tries to explain.  They both fumble around the right explanation why it is wrong to cheat in football.  Eventually the boy's cute little six year-old sister explains to the boy why it is wrong to cheat.

The show will  air after the first NFL Sunday afternoon game at 7 in September of 2020.   The show is being heralded as a throwback to the great sitcoms of the 70's.  The premise is that Brady will attempt to teach the children about ethics and morals, but it will be the children who end up teaching Brady and friends.

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