SC Winner Biden: "Sharks Have Killed a Million in SC"

(South Carolina)  Democrat candidate for President Joe Biden took a chomp out of South Carolina has he won that states primary very easily.  Joe cut through the pack of presidential candidates like a great white shark through a school of fish.  Last week, Joe Biden incorrectly and quite famously stated that 150 million people have died due to  gun violence in America.

After his victory last night someone brought up that Biden took the primary like a great white shark.  Biden then said, "Sharks are a big problem down here in South Carolina.  Sharks have killed over a million people down here in the Carolinas the last few years.  I will make sure we pass law prohibiting sharks from attacking swimmers.  If we can stop these shark attacks we can boost tourism in South Carolina.  Shark attacks will be stopped when I become President of The United States."

Mike Finch, a Biden supporter from Myrtle Beach, said, "I am glad he is behind us.  Trump thinks Myrtle Beach is in North Carolina and Trump is probably swimming with the sharks.  I would feel more safe getting into the ocean if Biden gets elected."

Gary White, a Charleston, SC Trump supporter said, "Shark attacks and gun violence...I think Biden needs to check his numbers.  He may need a research class... or at least a math class.  At least, he is doing research instead of plagiarizing like he did in the 80's."

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