Pizza Hut to Unleash Star Crunch Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut is reaching across borders to borrow a concept from sister company KFC.  Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut are all owned by Yum! Brands.

KFC has been raising eyebrows with the release of the new Donut Chicken Sandwich.  Now, Pizza Hut is unleashing another beast combining their signature food, pizza, with a snack/ breKfast food, Star Crunch.  Yes, you heard right...The Star Crunch Crust Pizza will feature crust made from Little Debbie Star Crunches.

Yum! Brands President Dan Yum said, "We have the knack of creating some sickening shit.  While it sounds and taste completely gross, it is getting us free advertising in the form of news stories and social media shares."

Health food advocate Russell Sprout said, "This made for social media attention seeking by this pusher of unhealthy food is going to kill people with high sugar.  I think they are sitting in the Yum offices passing a joint around."

Yum! Brands will neither confirm or deny that their next crazy crossover creation will be Nachos with Hershey Syrup.

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