The Ride?


Every morning AJ Dawg and I have the ritual of going to Speedway on Hal Greer. I get a Little Debbie and a drink and AJ gets a glass of ice water and ham, Vienna Saussages, or beef jerky. We have breakfast…but more importantly, we watch.  

She was a woman in her upper forties or fifties. She walked up to a man getting in his truck. “Sir, can you drop me off on 9th Avenue?  It is just a few blocks but my feet hurt.” 

The man politely declined. She was noticeably frustrated and hurt. She didn’t realize what she was asking. She thought she was asking for a ride.  

She went and leaned against the wall by the ice machine smoking a cigarette until another man came out. She tried the same line. She got the same results.  

And that’s the world we live in. Two different thoughts.  

She is standing there thinking. “Why won’t anyone help me?  I just want a ride three blocks. “.  

She doesn’t see the whole picture.  

Then, there are the two men. They do not have ill will against her. They would probably be happy to help in other ways. But a ride, although to some people seems like nothing, is a big deal. People get robbed, people scream rape… people even get their pictures taken with another woman in their car and have it posted online.  

AJ and I stood against the wall. I know she just didn’t understand but sometimes it is just easier to walk the three blocks even if your feet hurt. It’s a different world now.  Things are just different these days.

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