Keep Trying

As AJ and I were walking this morning, We ran into a guy who use to do drugs with Betty and Jana.  

I’ll call him “J”. J is a very intelligent man. I’ve enjoyed talking to him in the past. He knows a lot about recovery.  

He contacted me when Jana was on the ventilator.  He was clean at the time. He told me he had been clean for several months. He offered to talk to Jana and get her and keep her clean.  

He was very optimistic at the time. He was doing well and wanted to spread the word of Recovery and God.  

He kept in touch for a while and then disappeared. I hadn’t heard from him since Betty has been in the hospital.  

Today, as I told him about Betty and Jana. I could tell something was wrong. He looked away from me a moment.  

He said, “ I made a mistake. I got back on it. “ 

I could tell he was ashamed. I said, “we all make mistakes. We all mess up. You are a smart guy. You know what you have to do.  You will figure it out. “ 

We talked a few more minutes about some of the others that have died on this trail of death out here. We wished each other the best and moved on.  

J has been out here. He has the knowledge and charisma to help others but he has to want it for himself. He did… I trust he will again. He prayed for Jana, I will pray for him.  

I heard a good story one time. This is the quick version. I never used drugs in my life so it’s hard to relate.  

There is a hole in the street, a man is stuck in the bottom. He is a drug user.  Several people, amongst them a doctor, lawyer, and a pastor stop and try to help….they fail.  

Finally, a man jumps in the hole with the man. First guy says, “Great. Now, we are both trapped.” 

Second guy says. “ I’ve been here before and found my way out. I’ll help you find your way.” 

And it’s that simple sometimes. It is caring enough to encourage someone. Sadly, we all have choices but this addiction thing is overwhelming.  

Keep trying. If you fall….get up…brush yourself off…keep trying. Choose life. There are people who can help you find your way out of the hole.  

Good luck, J. I have faith in you. Please choose life.

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