Childhood Friends


The innocence of our childhood adventures and friends are embedded in our hearts forever. My elementary school days in Cumberland, Md and my friends from my White Oaks neighborhood are some of my fondest memories.  

So Friday evening, AJ Dawg and I were on our way back from The Market when my phone rang.  It was somewhat surprising to see Cumberland, Md pop up.  

My first thought was that it was my old friend Damon Thomas calling to tell me his mom passed or something happened to his brother Shawn.  

My guess was partly correct. It was Damon but it wasn’t bad news.  

We moved out of Cumberland in 76 and although I kept in touch for a while, I haven’t been to Cumberland to see him in twenty years.  

Although now retired Damon worked in prison in Cumberland and for certain reasons is not on Facebook. These days most people rely on Facebook to keep up with friends.  

His brother Shawn is a doctor and lived in Charleston around 2011 and I saw him a few times until he moved to Florida.  

Growing up in Cumberland produced great memories…soft ball in the gully in our backyard, hide and seek in the woods behind our house, sledding down into the gully, cops and robbers on bikes in The White Oaks Shopping Center parking lot, buying baseball cards at Joe’s Texaco, and swimming at Constitution Park.  

It was safe and we could ramble freely throughout White Oaks.  

My brother’s dog Lucky was neighborhood pet. Everyone loved him. Shawn and Damon were not allowed to get a dog until we moved.  The picture below was Lucky and I taken in the woods behind our house by Shawn and Damon’s dad.  

Well, Damon and his son Seth had gone close to Nashville to buy a motorcycle. They were driving back and saw a sign that said Huntington. Damon said, We can’t drive past Huntington and not see David Williams”.  

We met up at Jimmy John’s on the porch and reminisced. It was just what I needed.  

My childhood was the best time of my life. My memories of those days as “Catfish” were treasures.  

The 70s were a great era. We didn’t have shootings and out of town drug dealers. Children played outside and without fear. The memories of simple times are golden. It will be interesting to see if in twenty years, kids look back on these times as the good ol’ days.  

In my eyes, the late 70s and 80’s in Huntington were good ol days too.  

It is always great to see a childhood friend. It always makes me feel young, innocent, and safe. Thank you Damon for the good time yesterday. It was great to feel the innocence again.

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