Week 5

Several thoughts popped up in my mind this week.

Raquel Welch was the first woman that ever made me notice the opposite sex. As a young kid, her as a roller derby queen I Kansas City Bombers and in that small outfit in that prehistoric movie…..she was simply stunning. A true glamorous star.

Zero is the most underrated candy bar ever. It is also sad that it is hard to find Fifth Avenue candy bars anymore.

It is hard picturing Bruce Willis with dementia. He was funny in movies and Moonlighting and was heroic in Die Hard. He could do it all. He even had a couple of hit records.

Would really love to see Warren Zevon make The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. He is so much more than Werewolves of London. He wrote some classics like Poor Poor Pitiful Me and Lawyers, Guns, and Money. He was one of music’s funniest writers and performers.

Feeling like there will be some blockbuster trades in the NFL this year. Old QBs in new cities….Lamar Jackson in Atlanta?  Aaron Rodgers in Las Vegas?

Noticed a new player in the c-store game on the road last week. Love’s, Pilot, and Flying J’s have been the biggest player but new kid,Huck’s, has been making a move. Sheetz is spreading into Ohio.

Chris Stapleton’s version of The Star Spangled Banner is the best version I’ve heard since Whitney Houston’s version.

This year’s halftime show at The Super Bowl was the most divided reaction ever. Half-lives it…half hated it. I fell asleep before it came on.

It saddens me to see the once mighty Cincinnati Reds franchise be one of the worst in the league. Not much to look forward to for that team this year.

With two big railroad derailments in the news, it makes remember the early 70s when I lived in Cumberland, Md. My dad was a master mechanic for The Chessie System. I remember every time there was a big derailment, he would be called out on the road and be gone for days.  

No matter how many times I see The Arch in St. Louis, it still amazes me. So simple but so breathtaking.

Air the social media buzz about our local landmark, The Pink Elephant, has me contemplating a new book. A man wakes up after drinking in the parking lot where the pink elephant is. The elephant starts talking to him about his life. He keeps going back and talking to him. He is the only one the elephant talks to.

So how many UFOs will we shoot down until we hit a space ship from another galaxy. Been worried about WW3 and we may end up in a war with the Klingons. 
Have a great weekend

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