Week three


These are thoughts that popped in my head this week.  

Only Taco Bell could take a Veggie Burrito and it have 1000mgof sodium.  

Rainbow and Triumph are two of the most underrated classic rock bands ever.  

I totally get Joe Burrow’s comments that NFL players trash talk for fun, but it think it’s classless when player’s wives do it. Ain’t that right Mrs Mahomes. I don’t think she will be drinking any champagne after The Super Bowl game.  

Meanacing charges were dropped against Bengals Joe Mixon for allegedly threatening a woman with a gun. The DA said they could bring them back up at anytime. Bengals need to unload some salary cap to give Burrow around $50 million. Distancing themselves from Mixon if the charges come back up might work out. Mixon has a fat contract and his production has been down. The Bengals have another good back and there are some good young backs available in the draft. Watch your back Mixon! 

Every time I meet someone from Ceredo, the name Evaroni’s always comes up in the conversation.  

When I was a boy at this time of year, I had my eyes peeled for the first pack of Topp’s baseball cards of the year.  

With the high price of eggs, maybe people will hide Reese eggs instead….then Ithink I’ll be out there.  

I know guilty pleasures are songs that are you are supposed to be embarrassed that you like, but lately mine has been Christopher Cross’s Arthur’s Theme…that’s far worse than most peoples guilty pleasures of Bee Gees or John Denver.  

If you want young people to give you a funny look… tell them you remember when candy bars were a nickel. That was actually 1969 I believe.  

I’m heading to East St. Louis/ Belleville next week. We went there every year as a kid. If I see a Stuckey’s or a Dog N Suds. I’m stopping. We always stoped in the old days. If I don’t see one, I may break my diet at White Castle. I know where everyone on the way is.  

I can’t wait for this Summer for all of the free events Downtown. This year since I have a car, I will keep a cooler full of water in the trunk for emergencies.  

By the way, whatever happened to The Ramp News?  Haven’t seen anything from them?  Did their writers finally move out of their mom’s basement and get real jobs? 

Have a safe weekend!

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