Second week


This is the second week reviewing wild random thoughts that shoot through my mind through the week.  

Austin’s At The Market has amazing ice cream but they only put out one sugar free flavor. Now, it’s Butter Pecan. I keep going back hoping someone has eaten it and they’ve put out a new flavor…but it’s still there. Would a diabetic please take one for the team and go eat that butter pecan or should several of us diabetics organize a peaceful March through The Market protesting only 1 sugar free selection. I haven’t been this upset since Little Debbie did away with 2 for $1 cakes.   

Remember “Super Size Me”…..the 2004 documentary from Beckley’s Morgan Spurlock which he ate McDonald’s for 30 days. Image a local sequel…. “Shrink Me” in which someone ate nothing but Fuel Counter for 30 days. I volunteer….for free food of course. I’d no doubt emerge healthier and happier. I think I could live off of it.  

The Pink Elephant Facebook Page is hilarious but it is scary what to think would actually happened if the statue was moved from  Barboursville to Pullman Square.  

I’m already excited wondering who Huntington Comic Con will bring in this year. I’m already regretting not getting my picture with Chuck Norris last year. Bring Back Chuck! 

I’m already excited for Dickie’s Barbeque Pit coming to Pullman even though it means the end to my low sodium and low sugar diet.  

To fill the void left by Kustom Kreams leaving, Arvin needs to open a Peach Cobbler Factory down by Downtown and Marshall. A little banana pudding every now and then won’t hurt me.  

I’m really wanting to join Planet Fitness but I have to wait for my next echo test.  

A Bengal-49er Super Bowl would rock. Some obvious story lines for their third meeting. How about first QB picked against last one picked….Burrow vs Purdy? 

Don’t ask my why but an upcoming album of Dolly Parton covering rock classics sounds cool.  

Am I the only one who digs listening to radio again? 

I was listening to Marshall basketball and wondering whatever happened to Ken Labonaski. He was awesome. I love that name though I probably spelled it wrong.  

That’s this weeks random thoughts. I can hardly wait to see what random thoughts clog my mind this week.

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