First one


A few random thoughts that shot around through my mind this week as I brainstormed for writing topics.  

AJ Dawg and I were walking inside The Market to get a protein shake from Butter It Up when Molly Hatchet’s Flirting With Disaster popped on the intercom music system. I immediately thought of my first concert across the street. Molly Hatchet and Bantucket at the old Huntington Civic Center. 79 I think it was.  I was still in high school and was with my old friends Jeff Westlake and Tim Watts. I got hit in the head with a bag of bag lol and caught a Nantucket guitar pick.  

Anyone remember LaVerne Evans? II loved watching him play for The Herd. Remember when he helped Marshall beat Tennessee Chattanooga in double overtime to win the Southern Conference. He made the game look fun.  

I miss hearing Lynyrd Skynyrd on The Radio. I remember when it seemed like every other song 105 played was from Skynyrd.  I hear more AC/DC than anything else on 106.3…..but that isn’t a bad thing.  

I love watching Joe Burrow play football more than any QB since Ken Stabler. Now The Snake made the game fun.  

I miss there not being a gym Downtown. Remember Gold’s Gym and The Gym Down Under?  I worked out at Gym Down Under for years.  

Remember going to the Camelot or Keith Albee to see a movie and then hitting The Downtown Burger King?  It had two levels!   

I’m already excited about The Return of Cruise Avenue this Summer. The trial run last year was good enough to bring it back this year.  

It was hard watching Kustom Kremes rolled ice cream pack up. That just means I’ll be making more trips to The West End this summer to get some of that banana pudding from The Cobbler Factory.  

Anyone else remember when Stroh’s Beer was a premium beer? The bars in the early 80s had Bud, Miller, or Stroh’s. Stroh’s sponsored the Red’s games on WGNT. There even was a giant billboard hovering above The West 16th Street Bridge.  

Just a few of the things shooting randomly through my mind this week.

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