"Alligator Jackson's Future Is The Past", The Celebration of Southern Barbeque

(Huntington, WV) Alligator Jackson's creator David Williams says the band is paying tribute to its' southern rock roots with the release of "Southern Barbeque: The Best of Alligator Jackson" on vinyl and CD in Germany through JukeJoint 500 Records.

Williams says, "Alligator Jackson started as a southern rock project in 2005.  Dave Scarboro was at the heart of the southern rock sound with his vocals.  I'm not sure if we will work with Scarboro in the future, but for right now...Southern Barbeque is the last Alligator Jackson release.  It starts the project where it started...at the southern rock roots.  This is the best of the songs recorded with Scarboro.  Any new music recorded by me will come from another project name."

"Bipolar Disco" and "Snackcakes and Cheap Beer" were released last year with Williams doing vocals.  Williams says anymore music released with his vocals will come from his new project Catfish Williams.  Williams says, "I've been creating music other than southern rock music.  I have looked at how Alligator Jackson is still getting radio airplay around the world and how people are still buying and downloading this music which most of it is now over 15 years old.  I think it is important that this southern music stands alone.  It has survived this long and will stand as Alligator Jackson.  Unless Scarboro is involved, future projects that I do will be kept separate."

Williams continued, "These songs were a special time in my life and I think for music.  I was inspired by several southern rockers like Gary Jeffries and Alligator Stew, Rebel Pride, and several other bands that the old internet radio station AllSouthernRock .com was playing.  There was a magic in the air.  Alligator Jackson's future is in that past.  That period of 2005 -2008 when those songs were created was the best time of my life.  Southern Barbeque, the album, is a celebration of those times.  The song Southern Barbeque was also a tribute to those bands that were helping keep the traditional sound alive.  The song is a celebration of those bands and of that time."

Williams says there will be a Catfish Williams release later in 2021 but it will not be southern rock.  Williams says, "Catfish Williams was my first nickname from my elementary school in the early 70's.  I was in the fourth grade in Cumberland, Md. and my teacher Mr. Delaney read a book called "The Boy Who Stole The Elephant" and there was a character called Catfish Williams.  My classmates started calling me that and soon everyone called me that.  When I moved later, I told everyone to call me that - and they did.  So Catfish Williams is a return to even deeper roots.  It is fun novelty rock inspired by the old Dr. Demento Show.  It's a different sound and inspiration so in the future, I will keep it separate from Alligator Jackson.  Alligator Jackson now is back to it's southern rock roots."

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