The Good and The Frustrating

AJ Dawg and I are back on the porch overlooking 4th Avenue after venturing into the heart of Downtown. This breeze is feeling mighty fine. 

This day has had it’s pleasing elements but it has also had it’s share of frustration.  

The good came in the form of some nice rock and roll. The 9 th Street Live was alive with the DEAD. Tie dye t-shirts were the order of the day as we heard a nice tribute to The Grateful Dead. Billy D and The Gretchen Lee Band were rocking The Market.  

Now, before I get into my frustration, I will say I understand the strategy behind these moves. I just think we are accepting a defeatist attitude…but hey, it is what it is.  

I am very familiar with the person involved but he wasn’t charged with a crime so no names will be missing. Apparently, a convicted felon with several priors broke into a car. He does have a history of addiction. Videos proved without a doubt who it was. The HPD knew instantly who it was and quickly tracked him down. Nice work HPD.  

They told him to return the items and he wouldn’t get arrested. Now, they said if the victims decided to press charges, there would be a warrant issued and he would be picked up.  

The items were returned. Likely, the victims are happy they have their stuff. Good work HPD!  I’m not knocking you guys… you did your job. The rest isn’t up to them.  

It is frustrating because the victims are not likely to file charges. There is a better chance, he will be out there tonight soon as he gets sick, trying to score enough money for a shot. This is when we can’t blame the police or the cops…it is our fault he is not off the streets. He does not change because there is not any consequences for his actions.  

I noticed something else frustrating today. The chairs and tables outside of Starbucks at Pullman Square are gone. Two benches outside of Doubletree Hotel are gone. I don’t know exactly why. A few weeks ago Jewel City Seafood removed their bench. It was explained it was because of people sleeping on them. Again, I understand the strategy but I miss sitting on those benches and resting my foot.  

In both the robberies and bench removal, it is the innocent who pay. The innocent will get their cars broken into again this weekend.  

St. Mary’s ICU was graced with my presence this evening. Betty, a girl I’ve dated on and off for over thirty years was admitted. It has been rough watching addiction take her from a once beautiful lady to old and frail. She was waiting on a bed at OVP because she decided it was time for her fifth try at recovery. She had sepsis emboli. She was told she would be in for a couple of days. She took a turn for the worse and now fights for life on a ventilator.  

It is very hard and frustrating watching drugs kill people I know. These infections and abscesses are killing as many people as overdosed…it just does it slowly.  

Well, tomorrow is a big day. My hospital opened up another unit so I’m working seven days this week until we can get another recreation therapist. Also, tomorrow is a big event for Veterans Helping Heroes. The unveiling of the new business refurbishing wheelchairs and scooters and giving them to veterans who need them is tomorrow. The event will be held at Black Sheep Harley Davidson from noon to 5 on Saturday. .  

The Hotdog Festival is tomorrow so as you leave Downtown, stop by and see the good Veterans Helping Heroes is doing. I’m going to be there around 2:30.  

Chomp on and enjoy your weekend.

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