Grim Monday

It is a gloomy morning. Things are looking grim on the streets. I sat in front of AJ at 630 am in front of Speedway. An old co-worker came by and asked me for a dollar. He looked bad like he had been up for days. 

Then, a young man in his 20’s that I knew from Betty and her kids, literally stumbled up. He looked bad. He said he hasn’t been able to get sleep. I talked to him a few minutes and told him I can get him help. 

The air is changing and the nights will soon be cold. I do know what these people are going to do. The ones that have been out there a while are looking aged. This meth is killing people a piece at a time. 

Ive was seeing Betty’s cousins out here last week. Their mom overdosed and died around this time last year. The man who is a repeat offender felon got busted the other day. On top of several charges, he had a gun in his backpack. He is being held on $96,000 bail. 

I hadn’t seen the woman since the body was found. She is usually out here going through dumpsters. 

No more word on the body found. No identification, no news period. It appears to be another one of those things swept away. That’s why so many hate my page…it shines light on things meant to be kept in the dark.  

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