Fighting in the trailer park

A beautiful evening as AJ Dawg and I are sitting on our porch overlooking 4th Avenue. So relieved that the heat wave is over for now.  

Was a busy day and I’m chugging on a Zero Sugar Watermelon Berry Powerade and feeling a little silly. Shaking my head at some of the things on the 911 pages. I feel a little guilty because there’s really nothing funny about it but it is so absurd.  

So a call goes over the scanner about a fight at a trailer park in Altizer.  Blame the Powerade, but the first thing that pops in my mind is Eminem singing “two trailer park girls go ‘round the outside, ‘round the outside, ‘round the outside.” 

Then the victim says he has a bullet in his head but he wasn’t shot. And I know it isn’t funny but it is just crazy. I’m sure there’s some meth close by there.  

Then, earlier today a guy is in Rally’s parking lot waving a gun. The police get there and he is still there with the gun. Did they forget to put ketchup on this guy’s burger or can we blame meth again? 

Then, this afternoon at a traffic stop, someone swallows something and is choking. Again, it isn’t funny but it is crazy. You aren’t going to look innocent if the policeman comes to your window and you have something stuck in your throat.  

This is just the kind of nonsense that goes on in Huntington all of the time. It is calm on 4th Avenue, but give it time…the circus usually don’t start around here until 2 or 3 in the morning.  

Well, guys…ten hours wore me out today so I believe it is time call it a night. Hopefully, the “picker” out back isn’t scheduled to sort through his treasures tonight and I woke get woke up at 2am by the sound of clanging beer bottles.  

Sorry to sound a lil’ silly tonight or laughing at violence, but after two shootings in front of my apartment this year, I found you have to find the humor in this craziness or is drives you crazy.  On second thought, maybe I’m already there.

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