City of Huntington vs Lifehouse

In 2013, Rocky Meadows told the Herald-Dispatch: “Now I’m sitting in on parole hearings instead of attending them. Now I’m in the sheriff’s office, the police chief’s office, and the mayor’s office praying for them as they do their jobs.”

Now, it appears that the man whose name has been synonymous with recovery in Huntington over the last decade, may soon be in the courtroom against the city he stood with in the heart of the epidemic. 

The city has been moving forward to make sure that recovery houses are up to code and are doing what they say they are doing. But the city is frustrated with Meadows’ recovery homes Lifehouse after several failed requests and attempts to inspect their  sober living homes. The city of Huntington has now filed  suit against Lifehouse who has at least 14 sober living homes within Huntington city limits  

Documents filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia say that numerous times, , the city has requested to inspect Lifehouse’s properties but we’re refused entry by Lifehouse officials. 

In a statement on his Facebook page, Rocky Meadows stated: “The City of Huntington has absolutely told so many non truths and out right lies in this suit. For instance we are state West Virginia Alliance of Recovery Residences - WVARR certified and compliant, we are Cabell county heath dept. Compliant inspected just two months ago. We've had the city drug czar through our properties, we've had 7 of the 11 city council members through our properties and we have all the emails showing we've NEVER denied inspection or access, we invited it, we can even prove we invited the city fire Marshall and the entire city multiple times. WE HAVE ALL THE PROOF! We offered the city to do anything and everything they think needed for safety such as wired fire alarms, we only asked too not attempt to take our legal rights as recovery housing.”

several other houses have been compliant with the city. Newness of Life has put lots of work and money into their houses to ensure they are doing the best they can to help those in recovery. 

With the amount of money being made by these houses I believe the city of Huntington is correct in having high expectations of these houses. The city must take action to make sure those in recovery are not being exploited or tat advantage of. 

Rocky Meadows has saved a lot of lives in Huntington. Lifehouse has hundreds of alumni who praise Rocky for saving their lives. 

Rocky says the city is lying. Both sides will soon have the chance to show evidence to support their side. This could have major implications for the recovery industry in Huntington. 

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